Board of Directors

Chris Vasallo

Mr. Chris Vasallo - President

Mr. Vasallo is a tax attorney and managing partner with Vasallo Sloane, P.L. Chris and Lelenia have two children, Christopher (WCS Class of 2023) and Isabelle (WCS Class of 2024).
Affiliations: Auburn University - College of Business; University of Florida - Levin College of Law; University of Miami School of Law - Graduate Program in Taxation; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church.

Agnes Raffalski web

Mrs. Agnes Raffalksi - Vice President

Mrs. Raffalski is a retired human resources specialist with Norrell Temporary Services, preceded by formal training as a credit analyst and private banker with Southeast Bank/First Union. Agnes and Peter have two daughters: Abigail (WCS Class of 2017) and Rebekah (WCS Class of 2020).
Affiliations: Florida International University; Christ Journey Church

Jack Woodard

Mr. Jack Woodard - Treasurer

Mr. Woodard (WCS Class of 1979) is a managing partner with the Law Offices of Woodard & North. Jack and Adele have two children, Chuck (WCS Class of 2010), and Jillian (Class of 2015).
Affiliations: Florida State University, University of Miami School of Law; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church

Christine Brown

Mrs. Christine Brown - Secretary

Mrs. Brown is a retired MIS programs manager and an active volunteer in the community. Christine and Mark have two children: Zachary (WCS Class of 2014), and Stephanie (WCS Class of 2017).
Affiliations: University of North Texas and University of Southern Colorado; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church

Jim Armstrong

Mr. Jim Armstrong 

Mr. Armstrong (Class of 1978) is vice president of The Easton Group, a local firm that specializes in the brokerage, management and investment of commercial real estate. Jim and his wife Christian have two children: Tina (WCS Class of 2013), and Jimmy (WCS Class of 2015).
Affiliations: Auburn University; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church.

Mario Garcia

Dr. Mario Garcia, DDS

Dr. Garcia practices general dentistry in Miami, Florida. He and wife Jacqueline have two daughters: Larissa (WCS Class of 2013), and Emily (WCS Class of 2017).
Affiliations: UNPHU; Fellowship Church

Rich Gaschott

Mr. Rich Gaschott 

Mr. Gaschott is a recently retired vice president at Northern Trust Corp. Rich and Sue have one son, Adam (WCS Class of 2008 and UF Class of 2012 with honors).
Affiliations: University of South Florida; The American Legion; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church.

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Mr. Kyle Lane 

Mr. Lane is an east coast sales director for Woodside Credit.  Kyle and Kristin have two children, Olivia (WCS Class of 2024) and Luke (WCS Class of 2027).
Affiliations: Northwood University; Christ Journey Church

Penny Lyn

Mrs. Penny Lyn 

Mrs. Lyn (WCS Class of 1982) is a retired from the computer programming industry. Penny and Garth have three sons: Kevin (WCS Class of 2010), Brian (WCS Class of 2013) and Brandon (WCS Class of 2015).
Affiliations: Western Carolina University; Christ the King Lutheran Church.

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Mr. Jorge Menendez

Mr. Menedez is the manager for strategic market analysis for Federal Express Corporation.  He and Beatriz have two children:  Natalia (WCS Class of 2022) and Pablo (WCS Class of 2025).
Affiliations: MIT, Sloan School of Management; The University of Chicago; Calvary Chapel, Miami

Betty Miller

Mrs. Betty Miller

Mrs. Miller is a homemaker, and retired math and science educator.  She and Luis have three children: Luis, Jr. (WCS Class of 2012), Diego, (WCS Class of 2014), and Gabrielle (WCS Class of 2017).
Affiliations: Christ Fellowship; Bible Study Fellowship Leader

Julie Parker

Mrs. Julie Parker

Mrs. Parker (WCS Class of 1978) is a retired financial executive with Northern Trust Bank.  She and Clay have two children: Kelsey (WCS Class of 2013) and Grant (WCS Class of 2017).
Affiliations: Florida State University; University of Miami, Graduate School of Business; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church

Jorge Scopazzo

Mr. Jorge Scopazzo

Mr. Scopazzo is an architect and director of media and internet for the Luis Palau Association. Jorge and Myriam have three sons: Agustin (WCS Class of 2019), Andres (WCS Class of 2020), and Franco (WCS Class of 2024).
Affiliations: University of Buenos Aires; Christ Journey Church

Brett Powell

Mr. Brett Powell

Mr. Powell is an appellate attorney practicing in Palmetto Bay. Brett and Linda have a daughter, Noel (WCS Class of 2014), and a son, Nicholas (WCS Class of 2018).
Affiliations: Florida State University, University of Miami Law School; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church

Tulio Quirantes

Mr. Tulio Quirantes

Mr. Quirantes is the vice president of Unity Healthcare Providers, Inc., a network of specialty healthcare providers in Miami-Dade County. Tulio and Stephanie have two children: Wesley (Cushman Academy Class of 2019), and Meghan (WCS Class of 2020).
Affiliations: University of Miami; Christ Journey Church

Paul Quentel

Mr. Paul Quentel

Mr. Quentel is president of Alfred Angelo, Inc., a manufacturer and retailer of bridal apparel and accessories. Paul and Michelle have three children: Micah (WCS Class of 2021), Caleb (WCS Class of 2023), and Kaiya (WCS Class of 2027).
Affiliations: University of Texas at Austin; University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School; Christ Journey Church, Lifework Leadership.

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Dr. Alexander Trujillo

Dr. Trujillo is a dentist and owner of Simply Smiles Miami.  He and Kiara have two children: Noah (WCS Class of 2024) and Jake (WCS Class of 2027).
Affiliations: New York University College of Dentristry; Christ Fellowship