General Reference Resources
Comprehensive site with links to a multitude of reference resources

Internet Public Library
The IPL provides guides to Internet researching by collecting links to helpful, credible websites and categorizing them by subject. The IPL Expert Guides are a great place to start your research on specific topics. If you are strugging to find sources for your research topic, try using the Ask an IPL Librarian service.

Information Please
On-line dictionary, Internet encyclopedia, atlas, and almanac reference plus much more

Online Encyclopedia

Library Spot is a free virtual reference center that simplifies the search for the best resources online, including libraries, high-utility reference tools, periodicals, library industry information and more.

Awesome Library
Organizes the Web with 180,000 carefully reviewed resources and works well as a subject guide
Search over 25,000 of the greatest lives, past and present

CIA World Fact Book
Provides information on the countries of the world from The Central Intelligence Agency. Find out all the basic data about people, land and politics of a country. Includes maps.

Newspapers Online
Connections to hundreds of newspapers throughout the U.S. and the world, organized according to continent or region, and then the country and state.
Search for articles for free.


Occupational Outlook Handbook-US Department of Labor
Lists over 800 occupations and includes nature of work, working conditions, job outlook, etc.

Credibility Checklist for an Informational Web Page
This handy checklist helps you to evaluate Web sources and discern whether or not they are credible sources.

Wired Kids
A U.S. charity organization that focuses on protecting all Internet users from cybercrime and abuse; includes online safety games for children

Wired Safety
Provides Internet safety resources for parents, educators and children; includes links to information about cybercrime and cyberlaw