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List of 6 items.

  • Dr. Alexander Trujillo, Chair

    Dr. Trujillo is a dentist and owner of Simply Smiles Miami. He and Kiara have two children: Noah '24 and Jake '27.

    Affiliations: New York University College of Dentristry; Christ Fellowship
  • Dr. Philip Floyd, Vice Chair

    Dr. Floyd is a pediatrician and owner of Sunset Pediatrics, a concierge pediatrics practice in South Miami. He and his wife, Debbie (who attended WCS K- grade 9) have three children: Mackenzie '24, Carter '24, and Emery '26. 

    Affiliations: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Baylor College of Medicine, Christ Fellowship.
  • Mrs. Vanessa Turner-Fernandez, Secretary

    Mrs. Fernandez is a retired health care finance consultant with KPMG, LLP.  Vanessa and her husband, Mario, have two daughters:  Sara '19 and Isabella '20. 

    Affiliations:  University of Florida; Florida International University; St. Matthew Episcopal Church.
  • Mr. Paul Quentel, Treasurer

    Mr. Quentel is a managing partner at Everest Management Advisors and a director with ACM Capital Partners. He and his wife, Michelle, have three children: Micah '21, Caleb '23, and Kaiya '27. 

    Affiliations:  University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, School of Business; University of Texas - Austin; Christ Journey Church
  • Ms. Cindy "Cece" Boozer

    Ms. Boozer is a self-employed residential and commercial property manager. She has three sons: Carmani '24, Cameron '25, and Cayden '25. 

    Affiliations: North Carolina State University; Duke University; Fellowship Church
  • Mrs. Sandy Carson

    Mrs. Carson is director of children’s ministry at Granada Presbyterian Church in Coral Gables. Sandy and her husband, Worth, have three children: Rachel '05, Andrew '08 and Nathan '14.

    Affiliations: Wheaton College, Granada Presbyterian Church

List of 6 items.

  • Mr. Derek Deville

    Mr. Deville is the vice president of research and development and partner of Syntheon LLC, a medical device design company. Derek and his wife Lesley are WCS alumni '91. They have twin girls, Morgan and Melanie '22.

    Affiliations: Purdue University; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church
  • Mr. Rich Gaschott

    Mr. Gaschott is a recently retired vice president at Northern Trust Corp. Rich and Sue have one son, Adam '08. 

    Affiliations: University of South Florida; The American Legion; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church.
  • Mrs. Lourdes "Luly" Hilliard

    Mrs. Hilliard is an attorney and business owner.  She and her husband, Isaac, have three daughters: Leila '24, Ilysa '26, and Jewels '29.

    Affiliations: University of Florida; Florida International University; University of Miami School of Law; Christ Fellowship
  • Mrs. Stacey Kern

    Mrs. Kern is a real estate salesperson and real estate office administrator. She and husband, Drew '90, have two sons: AJ '21 and Justin '23.

    Affiliations: University of Florida; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church
  • Mr. Jorge Scopazzo

    Mr. Scopazzo is an architect and director of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. Jorge and wife, Myriam, have three sons: Agustin '19, Andres '20, and Franco '24.

    Affiliations: University of Buenos Aires School of Architecture; University of Miami School of Architecture; Christ Fellowship Church
  • Mrs. Lelenia Vasallo

    Mrs. Vasallo is an attorney, experienced in the non-for-profit sector. She lives in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband, Chris, and children Christopher and Isabelle. Prior to serving on the board, Lelenia was president of the WCS Parents’ Guild. The Vasallos have deep roots at Westminster since the 1970s, with Lelenia’s father-in-law, Pedro Vasallo, and husband, Chris, both serving on the board as well.

    Affiliations: Emory University; University of Miami School of Law; Grace Church of Chapel Hill.

The Building of the Trust Table

    • Board of Trustees Videos

      WCS Board Retreat - October 2018

WCS Board Responsibilities

Westminster Christian School's Board of Trustees, who act as one body and speak with one voice, is tasked with very specific responsibilities. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. Hires, supervises, evaluates, and supports the Head of School;
  2. Develops the school's mission, vision, long-range and strategic goals and establishes school policies that reinforce them;
  3. Provides fiduciary oversight;
  4. Guards the school's charter and mission and uses them as a guidepost for making board decisions;
  5. Supports and oversees fundraising initiatives;
  6. Accountable to Westminster for sound financial management, ensuring the financial stability and financial future of the school;
  7. Develop, maintain and regularly review the school's bylaws.
Day-to-day operations of Westminster Christian School are the responsibility of the Head of School and his/her administration.

How Does the Board Spend its Time?

    • Source: DeKuyper, Mary Hundley, "Trustee Handbook," 8th edition, 2003

      Source: DeKuyper, Mary Hundley, "Trustee Handbook," 8th edition, 2003

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6b