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Homecoming Dress Days & Activities

Sunday, September 23
3:30 PM
Homecoming Chapel – Students and their families are invited to be a part of a homecoming tradition. Come ready to sing and hear a message together with our #family.

5:00 PM
The first clue for the Search for the W will go out. The game is open under normal rules.

Monday,  September 24 - Class Cartoon
Students will come dressed as the characters from their class cartoon show.   

7:30 PM
WCS Talent Show
Guarch Family Auditorium

Tuesday, September 25 - Nickelodeon Day
Students will come dressed as a character from Nickelodeon.
5th  Annual Ga-Ga and White Goodman Invitational

Wednesday, September 26 - Disney Day
Students will come dressed as a character from Disney.
4th Annual Slip-n-Slide Kickball Championships

Thursday, September 27 - Throwback Thursday
 Students will come dressed as how they dressed as a child.
The Get Big Tug-o-War Invitational

Friday, September 28 – Class Shirt Day
Students will come dressed in their class jerseys or shirts.

1:30 PM
57th Annual Powder Puff Tournament

7:30 PM
Homecoming Pep-Rally, Class Dance Competition, and Music Video,

Saturday, September 29
12:00 PM
Search for the “W” concludes.

1:00 PM
Homecoming Football Game

6:00 PM
Homecoming Dance
Welcome to the Jungle at Pinecrest Gardens 

Homecoming "W" Search Map

For questions about Homecoming, please contact:

Mr. Lenny Castaneda
Student Activities Director
(305) 467-5255