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Frequently Asked Questions

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: If I started the first few weeks of the year at my school, is it too late to enroll in Westminster Online courses?

    You can enroll as a Westminster Online student at any time. Once admitted, students enrolled by Wednesday can start on the following Monday. We accept full semester grades and credits from accredited schools. You may begin a new course with us, or complete the second semester with us after successful completion of the first semester of a course. Please note that partial credit for in semester work at another school cannot be counted for Westminster Online credit. 
  • Q: Are online courses accepted by college for admission?

    Yes, colleges and universities accept the transcripts of students coming from accredited schools like Westminster Online. Westminster is fully accredited by AdvancED, Florida Council of Independent Schools, Christian Schools of Florida and Cognia, the world leader in private school accreditation. In addition, Westminster Online courses come directly from a fully accredited course provider Sevenstar, which uses fully certified teachers to design and conduct the Westminster Online courses.
  • Q: If I am a Westminster online student, can I play sports for Westminster?

    Westminster Online is designed for students who will participate exclusively off-campus, therefore sport participation is not offered. In addition, school, local, and state athletic association guidelines restrict this possibility. Many Westminster Online students play recreational, travel, or highly competitive individual sports based out of their local area.
  • Q: Do I have to complete all Westminster Online graduation requirements to receive a diploma?

    Yes. Upon your admission, a transcript evaluation will be made if you are past ninth grade to determine where you stand for graduation. Some Bible course credits may be waived, but in general all graduation requirements will be met including the core requirements as follows:

    *4 Math credits through at least Algebra II.
    *4 English credits.
    *4 Science credits with Biology and Chemistry required as 2 of the 4 credits.
    * 3 Social Studies credits
    * 2 International Language credits. We offer Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), and Latin.
  • Q: If I need to put my education on hold for a semester, can I do so and then return?

    Students in good standing who need to stop for a semester may do so with the consent of Westminster Online with the understanding that they may be a semester behind for graduation or may have to use a summer or two to catch up to stay on pace with their graduation class. The benefit of taking asynchronous classes is that you can start a new semester at any time.
  • Q: Will I have access to tutors and learning resource specialists as a Westminster Online student?

    Westminster Online is designed for students who can self-pace and who are comfortable emailing, calling, and video conferencing with their teacher when concepts are difficult. It is not designed for students who need the kind of daily academic support some traditional schools offer. Some students and families do utilize separate tutoring for more demanding core subjects like students in traditional schools do, but this is not included in the costs associated with the Westminster Online program.
  • Q: If I live in Miami, can I enroll in Westminster Online instead of attending classes on Westminster's physical campus? 

    Westminster Online is available to students who live outside of the Westminster campus service area of 100 miles.  Students living in Miami-Dade County are not eligible to enroll in Westminster Online; however, they may apply for the traditional on-campus program.  
  • Q: If I am a Westminster Online student, will I ever need to come to campus?

    No. All classes are completed online at your pace, and from the comfort of your own home, or desired location.
  • Q: Will I ever speak with a teacher or do I work completely independently?

    While Westminster Online courses are designed for students who like working at their own pace, you will have regular check-ins with a teacher that fit with your schedule. These check-ins usually take place at the start the course, before a test, and before an exam and can be done via phone call or video conference. In some courses, you may also be asked to video conference with peer students to discuss course material, work on projects, and peer edit.
  • Q: Are there exams for the courses?

    All courses except for some electives come with exams, and some have mid-term, and/or mid-semester exams. You will still take these from your computer, but you will take them under the supervision of an adult who is not part of your family like an approved tutor or other adult approved by Westminster.
  • Q: If I understand the subject matter well, can I move through a course more quickly than the semester calendar?

    Yes, it is possible to move through course material at a faster pace than you normally would if you were in a traditional school setting.  For some courses, it is even possible to complete the course in 6-8 weeks. However, you cannot skip modules of the course and still get credit for the work. If you skip a module, the work in that module is given a “zero” and this can negatively impact your grade. You can also work more slowly than a traditional course. While there are deadlines for modules, in most cases you can take a break for a week and then jump back in without it adversely affecting your grade. Westminster Online students who are athletes or who travel frequently like this feature because it allows them to stay on track even when they have a demanding schedule.
  • Q: Who is the ideal Westminster Online student?

    While many will find success with the program, the ideal Westminster Online student is intellectually curious, self-disciplined, trustworthy, diligent, and especially scripturally-minded.
  • Q: Do I have to be a Christian to enroll as a Westminster Online student?

    Our mission and admission guidelines dictate that admission to Westminster programs require students and at least one parent to affirm key tenets of the Christian faith. More details are included in the admission guidelines.

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