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Junior Thespians Headed to States

More than 50 middle school students qualified for States after competing in the Junior Thespians competition this weekend. These talented Warriors brought home two Critic's Choice awards, 22 Superior ratings and 24 Excellent ratings. 
See below a detailed list of their performances and the ratings they received:

Adrian Farrell, Juan Rondeau - Duet Acting - Superior and Critics Choice
Olivia Serrano-Salow - Scenic Design (Tech) - Superior and Critics Choice
Alexa Arner - Solo Musical - Superior
Megan Dopazo, Noah Winter - Duet Acting - Superior
Adrian Farrell - Solo Musical - Superior
Bekah Lugo - Solo Musical - Superior
Reign Mosley - Monologue - Superior
Juan Rondeau - Monologue - Superior
Angelina Coppola - Marketing - Superior
Emma Belvedere - Make Up Design - Superior
Abbigail Parker - Costume Design - Superior
Penny Harris - Scene Design - Superior
Fran Garavaglia Sanchez - Costume Design - Superior
Bella Guillermes - Make Up Design - Superior
Adrian Farrell, Alexa Arner, Camilo Calderon, Ila Urquidi, Kiera Vanegas, Olivia Serrano-Salow, Valentina Amadeo - Small Group Musical - Superior
Camilo Calderon, Lorena Haedo - Duet Acting - Superior
Lucia Galbis, Rebecca Yoo - Improv - Superior
Alex Grundler, Alexa Arner, Amanda Garcia, Anna-Maria Assaad, Athena Alberto, Bekah Lugo, Isabella Tani Acaso, Katerina Berman, Kiera Vanegas, Lucila Gamarra, Mia Meyer, Nina Dans, Noah Winter, Olivia Serrano-Salow, Reign Mosley, Sara Solis - Large Group Musical - Superior
Ila Urquidi, Julianna Riccio - Duet Musical - Superior
Camille Stromeyer - Costume Design - Superior
Valeria Hernandez - Marketing Design - Superior
Emma Belvedere, Penny Harris - Improv - Superior
Alex Grundler, DJ Ward, Isabella Tani Acaso, Nina Dans - Mime - Excellent
Anya Sajous, Bella Guillermes, Fran Garavaglia Sanchez , Valeria Hernandez - Mime - Excellent
Angelina Coppola, Bella Guillermes, Chloe Gooden, Emma Belvedere, Fran Garavaglia Sanchez , Izzy Barroso, Julia Taylor, Lucia Galbis, Luciana Montes, Nadia Chahine, Olivia Medina, Penny Harris, Rebecca Yoo, Stephanie Ramos, Valeria Hernandez, Vero Uribe - Excellent
Bianca Mcintosh, Isabella Tani Acaso, Katerina Berman, Madeleine Wutz, Nina Dans, Vero Uribe - Small Group Musical -  Excellent
Anna-Maria Assaad, Athena Alberto, Julianna Riccio, Lorena Haedo, Olivia Serrano-Salow, Reign Mosley, Valentina Amadeo - Large Group Musical -  Excellent
Alex Grundler, DJ Ward, Isabella Tani Acaso, Nina Dans - Excellent
DJ Ward, Megan Dopazo - Improv - Excellent
Julianna Riccio - Solo Musical -  Excellent
Addie Butler, Demi Perez - Creative Scene Writing - Excellent
Kiera Vanegas - Solo Musical -  Excellent
Athena Alberto - Monologue - Excellent
Noah Winter - Monologue - Excellent
Megan Dopazo - Monologue - Excellent
Camille Stromeyer - Marketing Design - Excellent
Karina Nuñez - Make Up Design - Excellent
Cameron Sporrer - Make Up Design -  Excellent
Valentina Amadeo - Make Up Design -  Excellent
Daniella Velazquez - Costume Design -  Excellent
Anya Sajous - Marketing Desgin - Excellent
Addie Butler, Camille Stromeyer, Demi Perez, Karina Nuñez, Kaylee Vargas - Mime - Excellent
Olivia Medina - Marketing Design -  Excellent
Lucia Galbis - Costume Design -  Excellent
Bianca Mcintosh, Madeleine Wutz - Excellent
Camilo Calderon, Katerina Berman -  Excellent

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