List of 5 items.

  • Dr. Alexander Trujillo, President

    Dr. Trujillo is a dentist and owner of Simply Smiles Miami. He and Kiara have two children: Noah (WCS Class of 2024) and Jake (WCS Class of 2027).

    Affiliations: New York University College of Dentristry; Christ Fellowship
  • Mr. Jorge Scopazzo, Vice President

    Mr. Scopazzo is an architect and director of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. Jorge and wife, Myriam, have three sons: Agustin (WCS Class of 2019), Andres (WCS Class of 2020), and Franco (WCS Class of 2024).

    Affiliations: University of Buenos Aires School of Architecture; University of Miami School of Architecture; Christ Fellowship Church
  • Ms. Cindy "Cece" Boozer, Treasurer

    Ms. Boozer is a self-employed residential and commercial property manager. She has three sons: Carmani (WCS Class of 2024), Cameron (WCS Class of 2025), and Cayden (WCS Class of 2025).

    Affiliations: North Carolina State University; Duke University; Fellowship Church
  • Mrs. Vanessa Turner-Fernandez, Secretary

    Mrs. Fernandez is a retired health care finance consultant with KPMG, LLP.  Vanessa and her husband, Mario, have two daughters:  Sara (WCS Class of 2019) and Isabella (WCS Class of 2020). 

    Affiliations:  University of Florida; Florida International University; St. Matthew Episcopal Church.
  • Mr. Eric Eikenberg

    Mr. Eikenberg is chief executive officer of the Everglades Foundation and a former chief of staff to the governor of Florida. Tonya and Eric have four children: Eric Jr. (WCS Class of 2025), Rebecca (WCS Class of 2026), Patrick (WCS Class of 2027) and Kathleen (WCS Class of 2029).

    Affiliations: The American University; Granada Presbyterian Church; Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation; Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists; Florida Blue Key.

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  • Mr. German Espitia

    Mr. Espitia is an architect and senior project manager at Santoriello Architects in New York. He and his wife Fernanda have two daughters: Gabriela (WCS Class of 2024) and Sara (WCS Class of 2026).

    Affiliations: University of San Buenaventura, Colombia; NAAB-accredited; NCARB certification (in progress); Christ Fellowship.
  • Mr. Rich Gaschott

    Mr. Gaschott is a recently retired vice president at Northern Trust Corp. Rich and Sue have one son, Adam (WCS Class of 2008 and UF Class of 2012 with honors).

    Affiliations: University of South Florida; The American Legion; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church.
  • Mrs. Lourdes "Luly" Hilliard

    Mrs. Hilliard is an attorney and business owner.  She and her husband, Isaac, have three daughters: Leila (WCS Class of 2024), Ilysa (WCS Class of 2026), and Jewels (WCS Class of 2029).

    Affiliations: University of Florida; Florida International University; University of Miami School of Law; Christ Fellowship
  • Mrs. Stacey Kern

    Mrs. Kern is a real estate salesperson and real estate office administrator. She and husband, Drew (WCS Class of 1990), have two sons: AJ (WCS Class of 2021) and Justin (WCS Class of 2023).

    Affiliations: University of Florida; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church
  • Mr. Paul Quentel

    Mr. Quentel is a managing partner at Everest Management Advisors and a director with ACM Capital Partners. He and his wife, Michelle, have three children: Micah (WCS Class of 2021), Caleb (WCS Class of 2023), and Kaiya (WCS Class of 2027). 

    Affiliations:  University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, School of Business; University of Texas - Austin; Christ Journey Church
  • Mrs. Lelenia Vasallo

    Mrs. Vasallo is an attorney and Firm Administrator with Vasallo Law, P.L. Lelenia and her husband, Chris Vasallo, have two children: Christopher (WCS Class of 2023) and Isabelle (WCS Class of 2024).

    Affiliations: Emory University; University of Miami School of Law; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church.