Warriors Build A Lifetime of Memories

Kevin Rodriguez '16, Senior Class President and Alumni Scholarship Award Winner
The words “Go, go Arapahoes!” resonated through the air as I led my team through the week’s first event. Behind me, a group of thirty-five peers followed ready to be challenged and hopefully win first place in the series of competitions held during Warrior Week.

As we entered the gymnasium, the preliminary sounds of the Chant Competition filled the air. This event required us to compose a team chant. There was no time to waste. I quickly rallied the group and we began to brainstorm ideas. Without much hesitation, the team shared various possibilities. Someone told me an idea that I thought it was very creative, and I went ahead and relayed it to the rest of the team. They loved it, and with full consensus, it became our team’s chant. Practicing was not only fun but also inspiring. It brought us closer, and when our turn in the competition finally arrived, we shouted our chant at the top of our lungs. Our team’s performance exceeded my expectations as well as the teachers’ and counselors’, since we received one of the highest ratings for our chant.

The next day, as a senior leader, I was assigned the responsibility of organizing an act for the team to perform that night at the Talent Show Competition. So, I gathered the team and we began to bounce ideas off each other. Someone came up with an idea which everyone rallied around and agreed would make a great act. I immediately began to direct the practice. After hours of hard work and coordination, we were ready for the day’s event. We performed the song “I Want It That Way” by The Backstreet Boys. The catchy lyrics inspired everyone to sing along making our performance a huge hit. Getting the entire team to participate drew favor with the judges and put us above many other teams in the competition.

Tournament Day proved to be the most challenging since each team was required to compete in various activities. In order to properly staff them, I asked my teammates which activities they preferred to participate in. Using their feedback, I made the assignments. By holding a meeting before the tournament, I motivated and inspired them to perform to the best of their abilities. Although the competition was fierce, our team once again placed in the top rankings.

On the last day, we shouted our team chant louder than ever, but this time, something was different. We now held the first place trophy in our hands. We had achieved our goal! As I looked at the jubilant faces of my fellow teammates, I felt proud of their hard work and ecstatic to know that I had led them unto victory.

Westminster Christian School has always been a huge part within my life. From Pre-K4 to senior year, I’ve spent my days here and have had access to countless opportunities. When someone asks me to describe myself, it’s near impossible not to trace my conversations back to Westminster. I know that when I graduate, I will be leaving a family behind me. However, this Westminster family will always be there for me should I decide to return.

As an alumni, I know that I want to stay connected with my alma mater. To not stay connected to Westminster would basically be throwing away a whole past of memories and experiences that have shaped me into the man I am today. During my years here, I’ve been able to serve as President throughout my last three years of high school, travel to Nicaragua to work with an impoverished school, experience and plan four Warrior Weeks, be the school mascot, and attend countless sports events. However, I don’t wish this to come to an end once I go. I know how important it will be for me to stay connected with Westminster through sharing my future experiences with the staff and faculty, serving as a Warrior Week counselor, and staying in touch with my alma mater. I now know that Westminster Christian School has provided me with countless memories and that I wish to continue making memories and staying connected with my alma mater.