Milian '16 Plays Lead Role At Wake Forest

Alumna Katy Milian '16 is living the dream. A sophomore at Wake Forest University, Katy is playing the lead role of Agnus in the play "She Kills Monsters!" Katy auditioned for the play at the end of her first year at Wake and to her delight and surprise she was selected to play the lead role. Katy was very involved in the WCS Fine Arts department in high school. Her brother, Max, a senior at WCS, shares her incredible talent in the arts and is continuing the Milian family legacy in the WCS Fine Arts Department.
“It’s an adventure and, like all good adventures, it offers danger and excitement, love and disappointment, revelations and epiphanies that take the audience through a tale spanning both laughter and tears.”  Katy said, “This was an immense honor to have the Directors place so much trust in me as an actor to portray Agnes."

Katy has also taken the role of Yarida in the play "Just Like Us." She plays one of four Latina girls in the play.