Summer School

If you are seeking academic enrichment or an opportunity to get a head start on the next school year, WCS Summer School, offers a variety of year-long and semester courses in a blended learning format.  This allows for more flexibility with your summer schedule all the while completing the academic requirements of a Summer School Course.

The WCS Summer School program is not the traditional summer school model, there is no daily required attendance. Most courses have optional teacher office hours and students are guided by teachers at their own pace. Teachers are available via email for all questions and concerns.

Year-Long Courses

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  • Geometry - Honors

    There is a criteria for taking this course in the summer and approval will be made after the student's transcript has been reviewed.

    Faculty: Mr. Davis

    The course will cover the following topics: reasoning and proofs, 
parallel and perpendicular lines, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, right triangles, trigonometry and circles. The course structure will be a combination of Agilemind, an online learning environment, and labs hours with instructor, where small group/individual instruction takes place. Students will work through each unit at their own pace while completing notes, practice questions, and quizzes to prepare for each Unit Exam. Labs will also be used to help students apply the material they have covered.

  • History of Florida

    Faculty: Mr. Escobar

    Course Description: This course presents the history of Florida from its earliest inhabitants to the present, emphasizing the period since 1821 when the United States acquired Florida from Spain.

    Course Purpose: The purpose of this course is to provide perspective on the historical roots of Florida’s experiences throughout the history of the state and familiarize students with one of the major issues and interpretations of Florida’s experience: Identity.

  • Ecology: Field Study

    Faculty: Mr. Wooten

    Course Description: The course is centered on 5 fieldtrips. They are spread around south Florida. There are two purposes in the field trips. One is to cover some of the major environmental issues. The second is to develop good experimental skills. We will collect data from each of the areas. Water samples will be taken on every trip. Test will be made on each of these areas and the area’s water quality will be compared.

Semester Courses

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  • Film Analysis

    Faculty: Mr. Gordon

    Once a week for five weeks we will be going at the movies and watching five blockbuster films. Our first meeting will be at the Falls, Samurai. At that meeting we will discuss expectations of the class, how to analyze a film and what to look for when reviewing cinema. We will see Wednesday shows. Depending on time we will see the 11am/ 12 noon showings in the morning/ early afternoon.   We will discuss the film we saw that day at the lunch the following week. The reviews will always be due by the next class. When we meet, we will  discuss the film, it’s elements and complete a point of view review of the movie. The class will learn how to turn the film review into your own blog/ review space and develop a clear understanding of what makes a movie successful. Summer Blockbuster Films are fun. It is a great time in the cinematic cycle to get exposed to all types of film.  Course requirements: money for movie ($11.22) and money for lunch. ($10-25) Instructor approval.
  • Life of Christ

    Faculty: Dr. Reed

    This is a class about Jesus. And in this lifetime, there is nothing more important than figuring out who He is and how we relate to Him. Over the next several weeks my goal is for you to get to know Him and the world He lived in a little better. Here are the main topics you will get the chance to look at:
    • An Introduction to Jesus
    • The world in which Jesus lived
    • The Gospel story of Luke (the people He interacted with, the stories He told, and His miracles)
    • His death and resurrection
    • How Jesus is portrayed in books, songs and movies nowadaysConclusions about Jesus
    These topics will structure this class.

    A note about your reading. I am not giving you much to read; But, the couple articles I give you might stretch some of you. You may not be familiar with all of the vocabulary and the sentence structure might be a little more difficult. Hang in there. Do your best to grasp what they are saying.

  • Speech & Debate

    Faculty: Mr. Warren

    Speech and Debate is a one-semester introductory course that covers a variety of styles of public speaking and formal debate. Each unit will culminate in performance assignments that require students to demonstrate their abilities online and/or in the classroom.
  • Summer Screenwriting

    Faculty: Mr. Gordon

    This course offers a step by step application of the elements needed to create a feature film. We will learn how to create a pitch, a log line a 40 point outline, character development, and by the end of the course you will each have written our own short film.  This class will be virtual (online) With office hours once a week.  The use of English, imagination, creativity and character development will all be needed to create your film. 
  • Sociology: Culture & Critique

    Faculty: Dr. Reed

    Most of us love movies. Though we often think of them as "just entertainment," movies are one of the greatest influences in our lives in determining what we believe and how we live. Whether we are aware of it or not, movies shape us and form us and often prove to be more persuasive than parents, than friends and even than our religious traditions in the development of our worldviews.

    This is a class about movies. We are going to watch movies. And then we are going to critique these movies.  Not to decide if we think they are good movies or not, but as tools to help us learn to watch movies critically.  The goal is not to get us to quit watching movies but to get us to view them with a greater awareness of what the messages of the movie might be and how those messages might persuade us.

    This is an important class. We cannot get away from movies (nor should we). But we cannot watch them as if they are "neutral" either. Every movie has an agenda. Every movie has points it wants to communicate to its audience. Our responsibility is to learn to watch with an awareness of the power of movies.

  • Personal Fitness

    Faculty: Mr. Gonzalez

    This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for optimal physical fitness. Students will benefit from comprehensive cardiorespiratory endurance activities. Students will learn basic fundamentals of strength training, aerobic training, and overall fitness training and conditioning. Students will be empowered to make wise choices, meet challenges, and develop positive behavior in fitness, wellness, and movement activities for a lifetime.

  • Health

    Faculty: Mr. Brown

    This course enhances the student's ability to make spiritually sound and wise health decisions for themselves, their families, and communities. Course content includes nutrition, physical activity, diseases, disorders, safety, first aid, community & environmental health, family life, human growth and development, personal hygiene, health systems & careers.

    Health & Wellness will investigate a range of human interactions. Areas to be explored include making responsible decisions; communicating effectively; mental & emotional health; building self esteem; adolescence relationships & responsibilities; the use, misuse & abuse of drugs, alcohol and tobacco; families & family relationships, preventing abuse & violence; and peer pressure.

  • Digital Video: Summer Adventures

    Faculty: Mr. Castaneda
    The purpose of this course is to provide opportunities for students to gain experience and develop skills in digital video production, through single camera techniques and digital-video editing technology. The student will also exhibit the ability to apply production skills in the planning, directing, and recording of their Summer Adventure.

Important Dates

Feb. 26 Registration Opens
May 1 Registration Deadline; Fees will be billed to your WCS account on your June statement.
May1-June 1 Dropping course will result in 50% refund.
After June 1 No refund for dropped course

For more information, please contact Lenny Castaneda, Summer School Director.

Program Costs

Year-Long Course: $1,000
Semester Course:     $500