What is WorldWonder?

The beauty and power of nature are never-ending sources of amazement that affect our lives each day. The tranquility of a breeze swirling through tree tops while critters scuttle through the underbrush at once fascinate us and awaken us to a profound appreciation of God’s creation. Yet, too often we go through our day unaware of nature. Until, that is, a beautiful sunrise wakes us or a hurricane threatens our safety.

The education of our children would not be complete if we neglected to teach them to appreciate the wonder of nature and to understand the mysteries of life. That is the purpose of Doug Heetderks' WorldWonder, an experiential learning component of the life sciences curriculum at Westminster Christian School.

In WorldWonder, a student can observe a tortoise, ponder the swirls of water cascading over rocks, breathe the aroma of a bamboo forest, gather with peers at a fire pit to thank God for blessing us with His creation. The nexus of WorldWonder is the Nature Center where students will convene to study, celebrate, discuss, piece together the lessons gained in their journeys through WorldWonder.

WorldWonder is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Westminster family to advance the bounds of educational theory and to create a unique learning experience for our children and for the children who will be Westminster students in years to come. Please give your support to Doug Heetderks' WorldWonder by dedicating a paver or funding a naming opportunity. Benefit your children and leave your legacy of excellence for the future.

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