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What is WorldWonder?

The beauty and power of nature are never-ending sources of amazement that affect our lives each day. The tranquility of a breeze swirling through tree tops while critters scuttle through the underbrush at once fascinate us and awaken us to a profound appreciation of God’s creation. Yet, too often we go through our day unaware of nature. Until, that is, a beautiful sunrise wakes us or a hurricane threatens our safety.

The education of our children would not be complete if we neglected to teach them to appreciate the wonder of nature and to understand the mysteries of life. That is the purpose of Doug Heetderks' WorldWonder, an experiential learning component of the life sciences curriculum at Westminster Christian School.

In WorldWonder, a student can observe a tortoise, ponder the swirls of water cascading over rocks, breathe the aroma of a bamboo forest, gather with peers at a fire pit to thank God for blessing us with His creation. The nexus of WorldWonder is the Nature Center where students will convene to study, celebrate, discuss, piece together the lessons gained in their journeys through WorldWonder.

WorldWonder is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Westminster family to advance the bounds of educational theory and to create a unique learning experience for our children and for the children who will be Westminster students in years to come. Please give your support to Doug Heetderks' WorldWonder by dedicating a paver or funding a naming opportunity. Benefit your children and leave your legacy of excellence for the future.

Thank You to Our Donors

Naming Donors

Patrick & Michele Battle
Jeffrey & Flor Bender
- Walking Path
Arnaldo & Yanisley Bomnin
Tony & Missy Briggs
- Bamboo Forest
Jose & Heidi Dans
- Aviary
Aj & Rachelle De Moya
- Nature Classroom
De Paula & Stewart Families
- Forest Area Fire Pit
Manny & Stephanie Diaz
- Walking Path
Dan & Kristin Dolan
Kurt & Wendy Doermann
- Walking Path
Charles Foshini
- Forest Area
Daniel & Veronica Franco Quijada
- Nature Center Classroom
Ed & Carrie Giordano
Susan Godoy
- Walking Path
Jose & Aubrey Hernandez - Solaun Family Foundation
  - Pre - K Play Area Seating
Christina Hudson
- Pond Seating Area
Sherrill & Mary Ann Hudson
  - Pond
Benji & Lisa Leon
The Edward & Gale Mc Bride Foundation
Doug & Elaine Medler
- Tortoise Terrace
Kambiz & Kristina Moghaddam
- Walking Path
Munilla Family Foundation
- Fire Pit Amphitheater
Reynaldo & Yanelis Perez
- Elemntary Play Area
Alfred & Maitee Quero
- Banyan Tree Forest
Peter & Agnes Raffalski
Miguel & Evelyn Rodriguez - Gonzalez
  - Walking Path & Seating Area
Scopazzo Family
- Walking Path 
Lars & Nirvana Seagren
Justin & Kristy Sporrer
- Walking Path
Alex & Kiara Trujillo
- Stone Foot Bridge
Wishart, Chaffin & Wiegandt Families
- Tortoise Terrace Seating Area

General Donors

Aloupis Family
Andrea Family
Arrandt Family
Assaad Family
Bachan Family
Balestra Family
Barket Family
Bastante Family
Battle Family
Benitez Family
Blaum Family
Bloodworth Family
Boozer Family
Boyett Family
Brigham Family
Brown Family
Bruce Family
Bryan Family
Caballero Family
Cabanas Family
Cappelleti Family
Catalano Family
Christensen Family
Clyne Family
Corpas Family
Cortinovis Family
Coya Family
Dans Family
Davide Family
Davis Family
De La Lama Family
De Moya Family
De Varona Family
Del Val - Ortiz Family
Desai Family
F. Diaz Family
R. Diaz Family
Dominguez Family
Elder Family
Escobio Family
Espitia Family
G. Fernandez Family
J. Fernandez Family
M. Fernandez Family
Figg Family
Fundora Family
Ganley Family
Garrido Family
Gazitua Family
Gibson Family
Gillespie Family
Glynn Family
A. Gonzalez Family
E. Gonzalez Family
E. Gonzalez Family
M. Gonzalez Family
Goodwin Family
Gutierrez Family
Haedo Family
E. Hagan Family
K. Hagan Family
Heetderks Family
H. Hernandez Family
J. Hernandez Family
Hew Family
Hilliard Family
Hoffman Family

JImenez Family
Joseph Family
Keller Family
Lane Family
Leon Family
Linares Family
Lopez Family
Machado Family
Martin Family
Martinez Family
Martino Family
Mason Family
Mc Carty Family
Mc Neil Family
Medder Family
Medina Family
Mendes Family
Merille Family
Meyer Family
Mira Family
Mirabal Family
Montalvo Family
Moron Lander Family
Nasr Family
A. Palmer Family
D. Palmer Family
Parker Family
Penton Family
Petrillo Family
Poveda Family
Pueblas Family
Pybas Family
Quentel Family
Ribas Family
Ritsema Family
Rivera Family
Rodembush Family
F. Rodriguez Family
K. Rodriguez Family
Rousseau Family
Ruiz Family
Sajous Family
Salony Family
A. Sanchez Family
J. Sanchez Family
Sirulnik Family
Smith Family
Sparks Family
Swindoll Family
Tew Family
Thrivent Financial 
Tolley Family
Torres Family
Valdes Family
Vander Zee Family
C. Vargas Family
R. Vargas Family
Vazquez Family
Voges Family
Vorbe Family
Walker Family
Waltz Family
Winters Family
Wojewodzki Family
Woodward Family
Yurubi Family

Naming Opportunities

List of 8 items.

  • Elevated Observation Decks: $35,000 each

    Elevated decks near large, established trees will create the sensation of being high up in a tree house. What better place to find inspiration to write a story, enjoy a book, or observe nature from above!

    Naming Opportunity: $35,000 each
  • Forest Areas: $10,000 each

    Naming Opportunity: $10,000 each
  • Nature Center Classrooms: $30,000 each

    Naming Opportunity: $30,000 each
  • Nature Center Deck: $50,000

    Located on and expanding the south side of the Nature Center, the Deck will be your first stop before entering WorldWonder. Notice how the branches of the columns mimic the branches of a tree. A specialized water diversion system is built into the upper construction to maintain a dry, safe haven on the deck.
    Naming Opportunity: $50,000
  • Nature Center Foyer: $100,000

    Naming Opportunity: $100,000
  • Nature Center: $300,000

    The nexus of WorldWonder is the Nature Center where students will convene to study, celebrate, discuss, piece together the lessons gained in their journeys through WorldWonder.

    Naming Opportunity: $300,000
  • Preschool Play Area: $30,000

    Harkening back to the days of kid-made backyard playgrounds of homemade forts, snow tunnels, hide and seek, and log “balance beams” –this area provides a safe but natural environment for kids to pretend, imagine, explore and dream.

    Naming Opportunity: $30,000 
  • Walking Paths: $2,500 each

    Stroll through WorldWonder to explore, observe, find a peaceful moment in the tranquility of nature. There are several walking paths that can be dedicated.
    Naming Opportunity: $2,500 each