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Westminster Christian Online offers flexibility and freedom that fits your life and family. This innovative and engaging online environment allows students to take a specialty course to enrich their skills, or enroll in a fully-accredited high school education that can be completed at their own pace. Courses can be accessed anytime and anywhere, and are available for grades 6-12. With over 100 college-board approved online and AP courses, your son or daughter will achieve academic excellence on the go, from a Christian worldview.

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3 Easy Steps for Online Education

Our kids love their teachers and we are impressed by their credentials and experience. The school has a college prep focus and we are confident that our kids will be well prepared to get into top universities in the country.

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Why Westminster Online?

With Westminster Online, students receive: 

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  • benefit 1

    Asynchronous, fully flexible learning plans with courses that can be completed in as few as six weeks or as long as 18 months.
  • benefit 2

    Advanced Placement and Dual Credit offerings that can help you earn credit for college.
  • benefit 3

    No time wasted with tortuous commutes to a far away Christian school.

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  • benefit 4

    Fully accredited courses from one of the best, most most highly-rated Christian schools in the country.
  • benefit 5

    NCAA approved courses so athletes can continue on their college eligibility path.
  • benefit 6

    Expert college counseling from a seasoned team that makes planning personal and specific, guiding you through the college application process from beginning to end.

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  • benefit 7

    Authentic Christian worldview built into class assignments, readings, discussions, in all subject areas.
  • benefit 8

    The flexibility to do school when you can on a schedule that matches your travel, health, and sleep patterns.
  • benefit 9

    Opportunities for small group Bible studies and chapel participation via Microsoft Teams.

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  • benefit 10

    A path to a diploma from one of Florida’s top independent schools. One-hundred percent of Westminster students continue their education at four year universities and colleges, including some of the nation’s top schools such as Duke, NYU, Emory, and many of the most rigorous Christian colleges in the United States.


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