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Welcome to Westminster Christian School

Mrs. Lisa North, Admission Director
"Educating in Wisdom and Character for Service" is one of my favorite statements about Westminster because it captures our school mission perfectly. Westminster Christian School provides an outstanding academic education in a Christian setting to prepare young people to live out their faith in today's world.

Westminster is a stimulating, fun place to learn where students are involved and make life-long friends and memories. Our graduates enjoy the privilege of attending colleges of their choice. We invite you to review the list of where our recent seniors have been accepted.

We continue to welcome applications for admission to PK3-11th Grade for the 2020-21 school year. Many grades are full, but please contact me for grade-level availability.

Beginning September 1, applications for the 2021-22 school year will be available. We recommend that you to apply early as many grades will fill quickly.

We are honored that you are considering Westminster Christian School for your son or daughter. We recognize how important this decision is, and we encourage you to contact us so we may assist you with the process.
I would love to chat with you regarding admission for your son or daughter to Westminster Christian School.

Please click on the button below to select a 15 minute time slot so that we can meet over the phone. If we need more time, I am happy to call you at a later time or follow up by email.

Experience the Westminster Difference

We are a covenant Christian school. What does this mean?

As a covenant Christian school, we believe that parents have the primary responsibility for educating their children.

Parents rely on the broader family of faith including the community of the church and the Christian school to help them fulfill that responsibility. This broader community holds shared beliefs and values as well as a common understanding of what it means to be a believer and a Christ follower.

We believe that church, home, and school should be in unity regarding the purpose and vision of education, and this is possible in a covenant Christian school community.

To achieve this unity of purpose, Westminster partners with families in which at least one parent is a Christ-follower who is actively involved in a local Christian church.
"Just wanted to take a minute this morning to thank you for your leadership, faith, dedication and perseverance right now.  We know how blessed we are to be going back to school when the majority of schools are not.
Your courage to ‘let our light shine before others’ is not only seen within our school, but throughout Miami. Many families are so impressed with the decisions and actions the school has taken this year.
We pray daily for your strength, health and patience to deal with this years challenges. 
This says it all…. Big smiles to be back in school!"

- The Rey Family

115 Legacy Students

    • Children of Alumni Following in Their Parents' Footsteps

      “I gave my life to Christ when I was at Westminster in the ninth grade, and it was the best decision I have ever made. I want my children to experience God's love and faithfulness from their elementary education through their high school.”

75% Middle School Participation

    • MS Students in Athletics and Fine Arts

      Our Middle School experience is based on the belief that students of this age should be challenged academically and beyond, and nurtured spiritually by teaching Biblical principles.

Advanced Placement Courses

    • A Challenging Curriculum

      Our academic program challenges and empowers learners with a rigorous curriculum allowing them to discover their God given talents, preparing them to excel in college and beyond.

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    Mrs. Lisa North 

    Director of Admission and Enrollment Management
    Ext. 1246
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    Mrs. Mary Fernandez 

    Associate Director of Admission
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    Mrs. Mirella Webster 

    Admission Assistant
    Ext. 1217

Director's Blog

During these unprecedented times, I am here for you! I will be posting thoughts, updates and even answering your questions here on this blog. So be sure to check in frequently!

Hi everyone!  How exciting it is to be a student at Westminster Christian School.  I cannot remember ever seeing such joy on the faces of our students.  This week represents "Homecoming Week" for our school, and while Homecoming is traditionally held during the fall for a football game, we are holding it now during basketball and soccer season.  We have held all of our academic classes as usual, but the afternoons have been enjoyed in the South Florida glorious sunshine playing a Frisbee Tournament, a Kickball Tournament, a Powder Puff Game and today, a Tug-of -War between the classes.  As I walk around the campus, I see our students smiling (behind the masks!) and enjoying each other, and loving their High School moments.  Going through 2020-21 with a global pandemic has not been easy for students, but seeing them relax and have fun together, makes an adult smile in her heart that this is what the High School experience is all about!

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  This has been a challenging year, but through all of 2020 we see our Mighty God's Hand upon us.  He continues to shower us with His abundant blessings, and what better time than now to pause and reflect on how blessed we are to be children of the Living God who loves us more than we will ever be able to know.

Imagine my surprise and delight when our Director of Technology, Mr. Omar Valerio, winner of two MVP awards from Microsoft, told me that plans were underway to implement an eSport Academy at Westminster Christian School beginning January 2021.  Mr. Valerio kindly demonstrated the CPUs used for gaming, the newly purchased special chairs and tables and the room which will be specifically for the use of competitive video gaming.  I was completely amazed!  Omar told me, "I want to provide the opportunity to Westminster students who may be unable to participate in a sport for one reason or another, to learn competitive team skills which will open doors at the collegiate level as well as possible future career opportunities in engineering, game design, video production and many others."
P.S.  Mom and Dad, this might be a good way for your son or daughter to earn a college scholarship!

We are approaching our long-awaited Election Day and our Westminster Elementary students are very excited.  The students will be wearing red, white and blue shirts of their choice with their uniform bottoms and enjoying their weekly Chapel service together.  Our High School band will be performing the National Anthem and our High School Choir members will be singing a patriotic song for the children. Our children will sing worship songs together and then learn from God's Word.  The culminating event will be a vote held by casting ballots to determine whether the ES cookie of preference is chocolate chip or Oreo.  I know how I am voting, but I am keeping my vote a secret... 

What a wonderful morning we enjoyed today!  We hosted another Fantastic Friday Car Tour for the Elementary School.  Our visitors were able to follow me in their cars and see the beautiful campus while listening to me speak about our academics, arts, athletics and the value of a Christian education.  At the conclusion of the driving portion, we were able to walk through the Nature Center/Wild Acre.  If you could have seen the eyes of the children who were with us on the tour when they saw that they could walk on logs, and cross the pond on stepping stones, watch tortoises and see the birds and fish, you would have seen gleeful faces! The children were mesmerized and did not want to leave.  What an incredible affirmation that education does not have to be in a stuffy classroom behind a desk, but can be in the glorious world which God created for us!

I just read the best quote about Westminster, loved it, and thought I would share...
"I wish to go to a school that is relaxed enough for me to feel comfortable, yet professional enough to help me become the best version of me."

Rick Newberry, an educational consultant, recently stated, "Word of mouth is always the number one way that a prospective parent discovers a private school."  I love this comment because it is the epitome of everything I believe in private education.  Parents choose a private school not because of glossy brochures or fancy advertising but because of the testimony from a trusted family member or friend.  More than anything, we want to hear about real-life experiences and stories.  How did your son or daughter acclimate to the new school environment?  Did they easily make friends?  Were the teachers warm and welcoming?  How much homework can I expect for my son or daughter?  So whether Westminster Christian is the final destination for your child, or perhaps another great private school in our area, make sure you speak to trusted associates about their experiences at the school.  Blessings to you all in your search.

It is my hope and prayer that all of you are safe and well.  I know that these have been challenging times in so many ways, not the least of which is providing an excellent education for your son or daughter either remotely, through a Hybrid model or in-person.  I pray for strength and wisdom for each of you as we navigate the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.
Please know that I am here for you.  If you would like to phone and discuss admission for your son or daughter for next year, or for some point in the future, please reach out to me.  If you would like to tell me about your child and see how Westminster might be able to come alongside and provide an excellent education, I want to help.
We hosted a wonderful group for our Car tours this morning, so if you would like to see our campus and hear more about our programs, please register for a tour.  Space is limited.
And finally, our Bible verse for the 2020-2021 school year is: "If God is for us, who can ever be against us?" Romans 8:31  May this verse bring you comfort.

9/9 I would love to share with you an email which I just received from a newly accepted parent of a 3 year old:

"I just wanted to reach out to let you know how  THRILLED and BLESSED we are to have our daughter at Westminster.  We have noticed such an incredible growth and development in her character and faith since the school year has started.  I wanted to share a quick story that happened tonight at dinner that had my husband and I just speechless.  Our daughter was a little cranky (not her favorite dinner!) and so we asked her to rethink her behavior at the table.  She nodded and said,  'You're right.  I didn't get my way but I'm still OK.'  And she slid off her chair and said she needed to go talk to God about how she was feeling 'because my teacher said that God always cares about how I'm feeling and loves me no matter what." 

Three-year old spiritual maturity for all of us!

"Resilience" is a word we often hear today, but it is exciting to see it actually in practice.  In walking around Westminster's campus, I am seeing "resilience" every single day.  Life is not easy during this time of pandemic, but I am witnessing children laughing and playing and having an amazing time learning with each other.  Learning is going on in the classroom, while playing music or going to art class, while building robots, or speaking Spanish, while walking across the stepping stones of our new aquatic pond with fish and lily pads and learning that yes, God loves us very, very much.

8/13 Well, as you might have guessed, I am a huge fan of Christian education.  I have seen the results in my three children who all have graduated from Westminster Christian School.  But my granddaughter just began school in our PK 3 program last week.  She asked to pray last night herself and her prayer was as relayed to me by my daughter, " Dear God, thank you for my day, thank you for my family, thank you for my baby brother the most of all.  Also thank you for my dog.  Thank you for being my friend.  Amen"  And that is why so many parents see the eternal value of Christian education.

8/7 I am so excited!  I have walked around our beautiful campus and the classrooms are ready!  Bulletin Boards are decorating  hallways, rooms are scrubbed, and glistening, new family orientations are going on today...and the only thing missing are the HUGS!  We are socially distanced, but I can see the smiles from ear to ear on the children, even behind the face coverings!

7/24 Westminster Christian School is planning to be back on campus on our original start date of August 10th.  Faculty and staff are all preparing for a safe return for our precious students.  We have missed them.  If you would like to discuss admission, or have any other questions, please feel free to phone me in the office.  I am here to help you!

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