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Weekly chapels and worship coupled with daily prayers and devotions contribute to Westminster's mission to prepare students to serve as ambassadors for Christ. Westminster's faculty, staff and administrators are fully committed to supporting students and families in their faith by providing an excellent, reformed Christian education.

John Bishop, Westminster's director of spiritual formation, oversees the development of elementary, middle and high school chapels where a wide-range of faculty and staff, students, and guests provide worship and bring age-appropriate Bible messages. Read the blog below to learn how this year's theme verse, Psalm 86:11, influences the weekly messages. High school students also kick-off every school year with a week-long spiritual retreat that takes place in the beautiful mountains of Jasper, Georgia known as Warrior Week.

Elementary school chapels embody Westminster's mission of "preparing hearts." Students are encouraged to serve their communities through "noisy offerings" and hands-on advocacy. The theme verse comes to life through the book, "Wandering Through WorldWonder," chapel mascot, engaging skits, and lively worship.

John Bishop, Director of Spiritual Formation

"Westminster is committed to supporting students in their spiritual growth by engaging them in biblical teachings, walking with them through life's challenges and calling them to a higher standard of living for Christ."

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  • ES/PS: What Did We Learn This Week in Chapel?

    What has distracted you today?? This week in chapel we learned that we are so distracted – even good things in this world distract us from God and how He wants us to live. Anything that distracts us and takes us away from God is sin and divides our heart.  

    We read from Romans 3:23 that we all sin and none of us measure up to God’s glory. Sin is something inside of all of us, but lucky for us, we have a way to fight it. That’s the good news! We can beat sin in our lives because of JESUS. So, with Jesus, we have the ability to say “No” to sin and “Yes” to living for God.
    The Holy Spirit does this for us. It is too hard for us to do all the right things on our own. We need Jesus and when we believe in him, He will give us the Holy Spirit so that we can stay focused on living how God wants us to. 

    When we stay focused on God and not let sin and the things of this world distract us – we can overcome a divided heart and be WHOLEHEARTED for God! 

    Oh and be sure to ask your child who Jenny the Kangaroo is . . . and how she distracted us in chapel!  

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