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Weekly chapels and worship coupled with daily prayers and devotions contribute to Westminster's mission to prepare students to serve as ambassadors for Christ. Westminster's faculty, staff and administrators are fully committed to supporting students and families in their faith by providing an excellent, reformed Christian education.

John Bishop, Westminster's director of spiritual formation, oversees the development of elementary, middle and high school chapels where a wide-range of faculty and staff, students, and guests provide worship and bring age-appropriate Bible messages. Read the blog below to learn how this year's theme verse, Proverbs 30:5, influences the weekly messages. High school students also kick-off every school year with a week-long spiritual retreat that takes place in the beautiful mountains of Jasper, Georgia known as Warrior Week.

Elementary school chapels embody Westminster's mission of "preparing hearts." Students are encouraged to serve their communities through "noisy offerings" and hands-on advocacy. The theme verse comes to life through a chapel mascot, engaging skits, and lively worship.

John Bishop, Director of Spiritual Formation

"Westminster is committed to supporting students in their spiritual growth by engaging them in biblical teachings, walking with them through life's challenges and calling them to a higher standard of living for Christ."

Chapel Blog: Middle/High School

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  • Epilogue

    by John Bishop, Director of Spiritual Formation

    And now we’ve come to the end of the school year. This year, we have looked at Proverbs 30:5 from many angles. 

    “Every word of God is Flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.” 

    We’ve talked about the centrality of the Bible in our pursuit of knowing God and his will for our lives. We double-clicked on God Himself and looked at a few of His attributes, things like jealousy, love, goodness, and power. We’ve discussed how God is not far away, but close; close enough to whisper. We talked through the difference between presenting an image of faith and seeking to be made in the flawless image of Christ.  

    Then we got into the fall and winter where we looked at God as our shield. He both serves as a defense for us against the work of the enemy and a protection to us when we need a place to hide. He is our refuge, He is our rest, He deals with our craziness by becoming an asylum. 

    It's been a good year and as we come to the close, I have one final thought about Proverbs 30:5; an epilogue of sorts. Let me pose the thought in the form of a question: 

    Our verse says, “every word of God is Flawless…” the question is, what is the word of God? We use the phrase ‘word of God’ to describe the Bible and certainly the Bible is the word of God, that is not in question. But the Bible doesn't give us specific instructions on most day-to-day decisions. Does that mean God doesn't care to speak to those things in our lives? I don't think so. 
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