Warrior Fund

Tuition Funds Operations. Philanthropy Fuels Vision.

The Warrior Fund supports annual projects and programs such as the performing and visual arts, athletics, and financial aid. Donations to the Warrior Fund expedite the purchase of equipment and resources. While Westminster adheres strictly to its annual budget and can operate, pay salaries, and maintain its facilities with tuition income, the funds donated through the Warrior Fund provide the extra margin that enables Westminster to achieve the excellence that our students and their families deserve and expect.
The Warrior Fund supports a wide variety of programs that contribute to the unique school environment Westminster families have come to know and love. With your help, we can ensure that students of all ages receive an education that values excellence, collaboration, inspiration, experiences and community.  Warrior Fund donations support specific initiatives as well as general programs consistent with these five values to enhance student life and augment academics, athletics, and the arts.  Your gift to the Warrior Fund invests in the future of Westminster students by creating a campus that encourages them to be the best they can be!

Boost the Impact of Your Gift

Employee matching gifts and volunteer grant programs double or even triple your gift to Westminster Christian School. Make your gift go even further through a gift-matching program!  Some companies will even match gifts made by retirees and spouses of employees. Please use the below search tool to see if your company will match your donation and to access the forms, guidelines, and instructions that you need to submit a matching gift.

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Prefer to donate by check? Please make checks payable to 'Westminster Christian School' and mail to:

 Westminster Christian School
Attention: Advancement Office
6855 SW 152 Street 
Palmetto Bay, FL  33157

For questions about the Warrior Fund, please email,
or call 305-233-2030, ext. 1304.

Your Contribution Matters

Thank you for generously participating in the 2023-24 Warrior Fund and making a lasting difference.

Juan Carlos and Tamara Abelairas
Josh and Melinda Aberman
Jay and Sherie Abbey
Ghassan and Maria Abboud
Michael and Cinthya Acevedo
Gary and Charlotte Adams
Argelio and Laura Aguayo
Benjamin and Mirta Aguero
Jorge and Cari Aguiar
Brenda Alba
Jose and Kiriat Alberto
Gustavo and Celia Alcivar
John and Maiquel Alejo
Oscar and Nicole Alfonso
John and Carla Alger
Adriana Alonso
Manny Alonso
Vance and Mariella Aloupis
Diana Alvarez
Fernando and Giselle Alvarez
Steve and Maria Alvarez
Luis and Sandra Amadeo
Jose and Lisyor Ambrosino
Kyu and Reina An
Daniel and Aubrie Andrea
Peter and Clara Anta
Juan and Leyla Annicchiarico
Jose and Juliana Aponte
Breton and Michelle Applebaum
Carlos and Jessika Arango
Kevin and Stacy Arango
James Armstrong
Albert and Alejandra Argudin
Antonio and Ursula Arner
Frank and Aimee Artiles
Noel and Rosaura Artiles
Luis and Jessica Arocha
Carlos and Xiomara Arroyo
Edgard and Erica Arroyo
Mario and Nivine Assaad
Jesse Attard
Michael and Jenny Austin
Joseph and Milagros Avino
Luis Arturo and Gabriela Ayala
Danys and Mireya Baez
Michael Balboa
Richard and Cindy Barbara
Jesica Barboza
Andres and Melissa Bardelas
Andrea Barradas Mortari
Javier and Sylvia Barrenechea
Brian and Janean Barroso
Leopoldo and Gina Bastante
Zachary and Jessie Bayag
Michel and Marysol Beaini
Justin and Melissa Beckham
Edgar and Leonor Belaval
Bernabe and Natalie Belvedere
Orlando and Judith Benitez
Edgardo and Sasha Berdeguer
Keith and Lourdes Berman
Luis and Elena Bermudez
Otoniel and Yudyt Bermudez
Robert and Anita Berteletti
Jose & Gabriela Bestard
Erik and Michelle Bethel
Matthew and Emily Bielen
John and Heather Bishop
Alex and Aymee Blanco
Chad and Stephanie Bogie
Eduardo and Alicia Bonilla
Antawn and Laneshia Borden
Humberto and Jennifer Borque
Tor and Thais Boswick
Hugo and Sonia Bosque
Paul and Ashley Boulos
Colin and Krishnna Bowe
Eric and Lourdes Boyer
Elizabeth Braceras
Michael and Grace Bracke
Erick and Roseanne Bradford
Russell and Melissa Briggs
Timothy and Kimberly Brigham
Marcio and Carolina Brito De Lima
PJ and Emily Brown
Nicolas and Silvia Buraglia
David and Emily Burrows
Isarel and Odia Burdick
Christopher and Katie Butler
Alexander and Susibel Caballero
Jose and Stephanie Cabrera
Joshua and Sara Cabrera
Alein and Liliana Cadalso
Cesar and Olivia Cajigas
German and Carolina Calderon
Raymond and Kathy Cannata
Cairo and Veronica Cardenal
Alexander Cardenas
Ernesto and Leslie Cardenas
Jose and Yadira Cardenas
Jose and Bianca Cardona
Daniel and Sandy Carson
Ronald and Carol Caridad
Seth Carlson
Joseph and Camila Carpenter
Jessica Carrasquillo
Brian and Zulema Carricarte
Alex and Angela Castano
Emil and Arlen Castellanos
Michael and Araceli Castillo
Anthony and Alexandra Castro
Rafael and Maria Cristina Castro
Pablo and Lisa Marie Cejas
Carlos and Michelle Celaya
Jorge and Jennifer Cepeda
Manuel and Olga Cespedes
Bassem and Carolina Chahine
Carlos and Melisa Chantres
Nina Chantres
Kenneth and Cristina Chambers
Jason and Linda Chase
John and Carol Chenet
Jeffrey and Jennifer Childers
John and Janetsy Christensen
David and Wailing Chu
Francisco and Marlyns Ciura
Dougan and Martha Clarke
Ed and Kelly Claughton
Sarah Cline
Travis and Meagan Cole
William and Kimberly Comber
Rick and Shelley Cook
Darryl and Morgan Copeland
Aimee Coppola
Richard and Margaret Correoso
Stephen and Monica Corbett
Jorge and Bruna Cos
Antonio Costa
Ryan and Vanessa Cossio
Brian and Barbara Cotrell
David and Jeannie Coulson
Manuel and Jennifer Coya
Jorge and Michelle Cuello
Jorge and Jennifer Cueto
Jordi and Natalia Cuervo
Samuel and Penelope Cunado
Travis and Emily Curtin
Daniel and Andrea Crespo
Scott and Carrin Crissey
Thomas and Susan Crossin
Charles and Tania Cyrille
Joel and Victoria Davis
Gerrit and Rhonda Dawson
Frank and Olga Del Campillo
Miguel and Monica Del Pino
Juan and Kenia Delgado
Eric and Lesley De Armas
John and Lisa Derosimo
Christopher and Jill De Moya
Alain and Kenia Diaz
Albert and Aida Diaz-Silveira
Amauris and Kirsten Diaz
Dennis and Lauren Diaz
Edward and Lydia Diaz
Jose and Eileen Diaz
William and Valerie Diaz
Constantin and Silke Dietrich
Johnny and Ivette Dilan
Madeline Dirube
Keith and Olga Dodge
Charlene Dodson
Miguel and Sabrina Domenech
Alejandro and Erika Dominguez
Alexander and Mary Dopazo
Matthew and Melissa Dubocq
Geosvanys and Yeni Dumas
Yon and Lamya Elejabarrieta
Jonathan and Mariola Ender
Manuel and Carolina Escobio
Michael and Arleyne Espinel
Adrian and Dannelle Esquivel
Julio and Jennifer Estorino
Carlos and Veronica Estrada
William and Cristina Essig
Theo and Kim Etzel
Richard and Karen Everage
Jonathan and Brittany Falco
Kurt and Gerveline Fedee
Alexander and Buri Fernandez
George and Debby Fernandez
Luis and Judith Fernandez
Oscar and Jasmine Fernandez
Jonathan and Carolina Fitch
Philip and Debbie Floyd
Rob and Lisa Forbes
Alejandro and Judith Forjan
Christopher and Valeria Flores
Samuel and Linda Flores
Antonio and Cori Fraga
Mario and Jessica Franca
Charles and Maria Freeman
Clay and Marysol Frye
Christopher Fundora
Jorge and Daniela Galbis
David and Ashley Galvin
Michael and Sandra Gambrell
Jose and Stephanie Gandara
Eduardo and Jasmin Garateix
Caroline Garcia
Onel and Cindy Garcia
Hugo and Christina Garbati
Carlos and Anamaria Garcia
Hector and Indira Garcia
Peter and Marie Garcia
Rudy and Lisa Garrido
Eric and Mayelei Gaunaurd
Carlos and Liana Gazitua
John Cody and Melissa German
Karim and Soraya Georges
Jonathan and Melissa Gillen
Jonathan and Erica Giner
Marco and Maria Jose Giovane
Victor and Manya Glavach
Arthur and Louise Gleason
Susan Godoy
Eric and Jessica Goldberg
Adrian and Yaremis Gonzalez
Alejandro and Vanessa Gonzalez
Alina Gonzalez
Damien and Francesca Gonzalez
Daniel and Nicole Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez
Israel Gonzalez
Manuel and Mayelin Gonzalez
Ricardo and Alexandra Gonzalez
Samuel and Cristina Gonzalez
Farouk and Diana Gomati
Israel and Arilys Gomez
Mario and Cheryl Gomez
Mario and Raysa Gomez
Andre and Nannette Gordon
Henry and Veronica Gotor
Carlos A and Elise Granja
Alejandro and Adriana Gravier
Augusto and Maria F Granados
Michael and Tonya Griffith
Cameron and Gabriela Grogan
Peter and Lyda Grundler
Allan and Ashley Gubbins
Andres and Pamela Guilarte
Luis and Gabrielle Guillermes
Daniel and Bridgette Guisasola
Camilo and Maria Gutierrez
Josh and Maribel Harder
Bryant and Marcia Hansen
Giulana Hansen
John and Jane Haller
Carl and Ximena Handy
James and Melanie Hannon
Joshua and Megan Hamann
Nicolas and Rashelle Hamann
Lisa Hamming
Peter and Sarah Hardan
Lauren Hartman
Mason and Denie Harris
Matthew and Stefanie Harris
Robert and Althea Harris
Patrick and Maria Clara Harrington
Douglas and Robyn Hathaway
David and Gloria Hays
Jeff and Bonnie Heck
Jud and Katherine Henry
Doug and Anne Heetderks
Diego and Jennifer Hernandez
Felix and Sandra Hernandez
Humberto and Jamal Hernandez
Jorge and Alejandra Hernandez
Jose and Belinda Hernandez
Raul and Diana Hernandez
Javier and Christine Herrera
Oscar and Keren Herrrera
Andres and Elizabeth Herrero
Jonathan and Beverly Hew
Harry and Jessica Hinckley
Brett and Meredith Hixon
John and Daisy Holcombe
William and Allison Holly
Shawn and Waihan Host
Steven and Lauren Hunt
Raul and Teryvette Ibanez
Juan Carlos and Fabiola Ibarra
Jordan Interian
Damian and Maggie Izquierdo
Connor and Joanna Jacobson
Eduardo and Enith Jimenez
Scott and Cathleen Jones
T. Hamilton and Heather Jones
Bruce and Victoria Kaplan
Harry Kaplan
Jesper and Jennifer Kanold
William and Nancy Keller
Iain and Lisa Kelso
Jack and Julie Kenney
Christopher Knight
Erin Knight
Pearce and Mary Klevan
Dea and Sai Koppaka
Nick and Irene Kos
Matthew and Jill Kujawa
Brian and Kelly Kulju
Marc and Tania Kunen
Hiroki and Julie Kurenuma
Jan Kyzer
Christiaan and Madhuri La Barrie
Louis and Grace Lafontisee
Emma Laguerre
Gustavo and Mirella Lang
Jose and Melissa La Rosa
Raul and Lora Lastra
Alfredo and Michelle Lardizabal
Maria Larrea
Pablo and Maria Lavigna
William and Victoria Ledesma
Jonathan Lee
Michael and Sandra Lesman
Leo and Margarita Leon
Joanne Lew Ng
Nils and Shya Lindstad
Giovanni and Lissette Lima
Juan and Maria Lopetegui
Adamari Lopez
Caleb and Angela Lopez
Ivan and Debra Lopez
Edwin and Jannett Lopez
Joe and Martha Lopez
John and Lori Lopez
Jose and Lissette Lopez
Joseph Lopez
Kevin Lopez
Mary Lopez
Kathryn Loveless
Ernie and Marcela Loynaz
John and Janaya Lukan
Rob and Katherine Lundgren
Ron and Live Maier
Matthew and Casey Machin
Steve and Laura McCollum
Tom and Venus McCrorey
Shawn and Lisa McGee
Matt and Norma McGrath
Melissa McNamee
Kimberly McNeill
Maythe Magdaleno
Chris and Danae Manimbo
John and Lisa Manoogian
Raif and Roxanna Manzur
Felipe and Marcela Marcilio
Carlos and Cristina Maristany
Stu and Wendy Marshall
Eduardo and Joanne Martinez-Dubouchet
Andres Shaki Martinez
Michael and Pamela Martinez
Percy and Tessie Martinez
Wil and Monika Martinez
Victor Martinez
Cindy Marzouka
Pierre and Teresa Massa
Chelsea Mason
Clifford and Leah Medina
David and Sherry Medder
Michael and Kathleen Mendez
Parker Mendez
Orestes and Erica Mesa
James and Lynne Meyer
Kai and Vanessa Meyer
John and Laura Micali
Edward and Shanon Minks
Joe and Kristin Mira
Andres and Andria Miyares
Jacqueline Modia
Kambiz and Kristina Moghaddam
Louis and Nicole Moll
Wesley and Amanda Money
Marco and Veronica Montanez
Alex and Dayanara Montero
Robert and Alejandra Montes
Tim and Katie Moon
Alejandro and Belkys Morales
Fernando and Hilda Morel
Andres and Lina Moreno
Armando and Diana Moreno
Tim and Alexandra Morley
Norman and Jacqueline Morris
James and Amy Morrow
Roberto and Clarice Motta
Juan Carlos and Alisa Muniz
Chad and Jackie Murphy
Thomas and Caroline Murphy
Lazaro and Majela Muse
Lisa Nanninga Fernandez
Jorge and Maricel Nasr
Luis and Elena Navarro
Joel and Danette Neikirk
Ren and Ania Nitzsche
Joshua and Yesenia Nelson
Phillip and Katherine Newcomm
Jose and Rebecca Nicolas
Alfred and Devin Nieves
Kashia Orlando
Alejandro and Sylvia Ortiz
Oliver and Catalina Ortiz
Alejandra Ospina Sanchez
Marcus and Lourdes Overcast
Jose Maria and Roxana Padron
Alex and Tania Pacheco
Cesar and Beatriz Pachon
Kevin and Teresa Palczynski 
Dario and Dawn Palmer
Erwin and Sandra Pals
Katharine Pals
Margarita Pallares
Clayton and Julia Parker
James and Alice Parker
Jay and Nakarit Parker
Raul and Ivette Parquet
James and Jennifer Partridge
Dennis and Claudia Pastrana
Aileen Paz
Cesar and Valerie Pazmino
Leonardo and Diana Penizzotto
Robert and Marisabel Perera
Maggy Perez-Dickens
Carlos and Amie Perez
Julio and Grecia Perez
Pedro and Cristina Perez
Pedro and Nicole Perez
Reynaldo and Yanelis Perez
Robert and Kylie Perez
Umberto and Neyda Perez
Michael and Melinda Perry
Steve and Cora Petrillo
Jairo and Maria Pico
Lillian Pineda
Thelma Pineda
Carlos and Natalia Pinilla
Francisco and Jennifer Pino
Paul and Bertha Pino
Wiliam and Nelida Pittack
Gregory and Lisa Polino
Raul and Yajaira Polo
Manuel and Gloria Portuondo
Sebastian and Cristy Postel
Gio and Ana Poveda
Alvaro and Veronica Pozo
Juan Carlos and Arlen Prellezo
Martin and Andrea Pueblas
Fernando and Alina Puig
Donald and Carole Pybas
Jesse and Jennifer Pybas
Nicolas and Loralyn Pybas
Paul and Michelle Quentel
Arturas and Virginja Rainys
Carlos and Kathy Ramirez
Orlando and Eileen Ramos
Leonardo and Yamely Rayon
Steven and Adriana Redlich
Ross and Adrienne Reeder
Ricardo and Mirtha Regueiro
Robert and Melissa Reinhardt
Lester and Charlene Rey
Francisco and Valentina Reyes-Retana
Pablo and Nadja Ribas
Chris and Jenea Riccio
Walter and Julie Richardson
Joaquin and Diana Riera
Manny and Dina Riera
Jorge and Carolina Rivera
Rafael and Alexandra Rivera
Terence and Sarah Roche
Abelardo and Cristina Rodriguez
Aida Rodriguez-Sanchez
Boris and Larisa Rodriguez
Luis and Diana Rodriguez
Matthew and Amanda Rodriguez
Miguel and Evelyn Rodriguez
Victor and Katiuska Rodriguez
Yanko and Nicole Rodriguez
Ronald and Elizabeth Romaguera
Francisco and Asareth Rovira
Fernando and Denise Ruiz
Erik and Elissa Sada
Sergio and Cristina Saenz
Ibrahim and Lori Sakkab
Raul and Cristina Salas
Hector and Scarlett Saldana
Steve and Melissa (Dejong) Salony
Bonnie Sanchez 
Bridget Sanchez
Joseph and Monica Sanchez
Andres and Juanita Sandoval
Eric and Melissa Santiago
Mel and Mailyn Santiesteban
Orlando and Jessica Sarduy
Craig and Jeanine Schmidt
Lars and Nirvana Seagren
Carlos and Laura Silva
Jose and Cecilia Sirven
Matthew and Elizabeth Skamser
Wayne and Janet Smith
Vadim and Vanessa Shapiro
Kevin and April Shirk
Fernando and Kierstin Silva
Scott and Lisa Simmons
Brian and Melissa Simril
Kenneth and Nancy Schrader
Jorge and Myriam Scopazzo
Rogerio and Mercedes Sobreiro
Erick and Catalina Soto
Roberta Spivak
Justin and Kristy Sporrer
Derek and Chanel St. Germain
James and Diana Stapleton
Andres and Maria Stefano
Jeff and Amy Stone
Caroline Stone Ruppar
Scot and Yaneli Strems
Frederick and Ida Stromeyer
Phillip and Arlen Stewart
Shannon and Sharond Stewart
Jaime and Christine Stuyck
Jesse and Mia Suarez
Erik and Brittney Sunset
Carlos and Suzanne Suris
Victoria Suris
Corey and Andrea Swenson
Eric and Monica Taggart
Alissa Teijeiro
Spencer and Lisa Tew
Scott and Paige Tews
Marcus and Jennifer Thermes
George and Sara Thomas
Kenneth and Kristina Thomson
Steven and Ashley Thurn
David and Jennifer Tirri
Andy and Lissette Toledo
Gilbert and Victoria Toledo
Shawn and Marilyn Tolley
Danny and Ismeraly Torres
Sam and Jacqueline Townsend
Bryan and Diana Treadway
Robert and Patricia Triplett
Alex and Kiara Trujillo
Matthew and Carolina Trussoni
Alejandro and Angela Ugarte
Jeremy and Brianna Upton
Andres and Laura Uriarte
Agustin and Berenice Urgal
Rafael and Bricen Urquidi
Cecilia Urrego
Francisco and Carolina Urrego
Michael Valdes-Fauli
Johan and Amanda Van Huyssteen
Omar and Mia Valerio
Orlando and Alexis Vanegas
Carlos and Tina Vargas
Arthur and Eileen Vazquez
Luis and Natalia Vega
Ricardo and Andrea Ventura
Jason and Christina Vera
Felix and Lorena Vicente
Manuel and Lyanne Vidal
Pedro and Vanessa Villa
Daniel and Monica Villalba
Dimitri and Gael Vorbe
Stephan and Nathalie Vorbe
Carl and Linda Walker
Benjamin and Jessica Warren
John and Sylvia Weir
Phillip and Gladys Welcome
David and Mari Wells
Victor and Jane White
Robert Shawn and Stacy Whiteside
Jochen and Jesica Wilhelm
Chris and Antonella Willette
Todd and Amy Williams
Phillip and Jacqueline Winter
Charlie and Christine Whorton
Jessyca Wier
Patricia Winters
William and Kimberly Wood
Stephen and Nita Yeung
Ignacio Zulueta

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Advancement Team Members

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Monica Sanchez

    Monica Sanchez 

    Director of Advancement
    ext. 1304
  • Photo of Carolina Echeverri

    Carolina Echeverri 

    Advancement Services Manager
    Ext. 1448
  • Photo of Courtney Wainwright

    Courtney Wainwright 00

    Associate Director of Alumni Relations
  • Photo of Amy Williams

    Amy Williams 80

    Associate Director of Advancement, Family Engagement
    Ext. 1287
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