Support Program

The GRASP program meets the needs of students with diverse learning abilities so they can achieve their full potential.

GRASP, or Guidance, Remediation, and Academic Support Program, helps students develop and strengthen the academic skills necessary for independent, life-long learning. The program offers a continuum of support from elementary to high school and has been designed to strengthen weaknesses in cognitive skills (i.e., memory, attention, perceptual processing, reasoning) and/or executive functioning (i.e., planning, organizing, self-regulation) as well as provide individualized academic support. All of the educational therapy techniques used in GRASP are research-based and provide students with the tools needed to build confidence and succeed at every grade level.

Admission Process

In addition to the regular admission process, consideration for the GRASP program also requires:

  • A psycho-educational evaluation, completed within the past two years 
  • Admission testing
  • Approval by the Director of GRASP

*There is an additional fee for the GRASP program.
*Westminster is committed to providing reasonable academic accommodations providing that the need for such accommodations is documented and the accommodations are reasonable and do not create undue hardship to the school.
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