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Missed our Touring Season?

If you missed our Prospective Parent Tours or Open House showcase in the fall, we are pleased to offer these additional small group tours by campus:

  • High School Visit - Friday, Jan. 10 at 9am
  • Preschool/Elementary Visit - Friday, Jan. 17 at 9am
  • Middle School Visit - Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 9am
  • Preschool/Elementary Visit - Monday, Feb.24 at 9am

Please click on the appropriate campus visit date in order to submit your registration.
Space is limited!

Top 10 Reasons Parents Enroll Children in Independent Schools

  1. Faculty Care and Concern
  2. Emphasis on Character/Values
  3. Quality of Faculty
  4. Curriculum/Academics
  5. Mission/Educational Philosophy
  6. Degree of Safety
  7. Academic Challenge
  8. School Culture
  9. School Leadership
  10. Individualized Attention
My daughter is having a great start of school and I would like to share a comment that she made – ‘I love Westminster. It is my dream school.’

- Middle School Parent