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Process for Receiving Accommodations

To receive accommodations, a student must have a psycho-educational evaluation completed by a qualified clinical psychologist. The evaluation report must include a description of the specific accommodations including, if applicable, the amount of extended time required and a statement explaining why the student qualifies for such accommodations. Accommodations are allowed in cases when the core requirements of the course are not compromised or fundamentally changed, and when existing resources are available.
Psycho-educational evaluations should include tests of cognitive abilities, current academic achievement, ADHD/behavior rating scales and other tests as needed.
The report should also include:
• the specific disability, as diagnosed
• the comprehensive assessments used to arrive at the diagnosis (including test results with subtest scores)
• a description of the specific accommodations requested, including if applicable, the amount of extended time required, and state why the disability qualifies the student for such accommodations
• the professional credentials of the evaluator (license, certification, area of specialization)

A new evaluation is required every three years to monitor progress and reassess the appropriateness of the accommodations.

For medical or physical disabilities, the documentation should state the specific physical or medical disability as diagnosed and provide a detailed description of the student’s condition.

The documentation should also describe the specific accommodations requested, and explain why they are needed. The rationale for specific accommodations should focus on the connection between the student’s diagnosed disability and the requested accommodations. The professional credentials of the evaluator, including information about license or certification and area of specialization should be included. Because physical and medical disabilities change over time, documentation must be up to date (within a year).

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