Process for Receiving Accommodations

Accommodations are granted only to those students who have submitted the required documentation, who have a documented learning, emotional or medical disability, and who have subsequently, been approved by the Student Support Committee. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the Student Support Committee of any disability and to provide necessary documentation. Documentation must be obtained from an individual certified and credentialed as an authority in the area in which the student is disabled and the relevant testing must have been completed within the last five years in most cases.
For medical or physical disabilities, the documentation should state the specific physical or medical disability as diagnosed and provide a detailed description of the student’s condition. The documentation should also describe the specific accommodations requested, and explain why they are needed.

The rationale for specific accommodations should focus on the connection between the student’s diagnosed disability and the requested accommodations. The professional credentials of the evaluator, including information about license or certification and area of specialization should be included.  Because physical and medical disabilities change over time, documentation must be up to date (within a year). 
For temporary physical or medical conditions, documentation in the form of written confirmation from the student’s doctor regarding the needed supports is required.  The letter from the doctor must include a description of injury and degree of impairment; description of symptoms; date of injury/onset of condition; expected date of recovery. Temporary accommodations are reviewed after thirty days to reassess the need for support. An update from the evaluating physician is required to extend accommodations beyond the initial thirty days.

Documentation to be reviewed by the Student Support Committee should be submitted to your campus counselor.
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