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      WCS Board Retreat - October 2018

The Building of Trust

The WCS Board of Trustees spent three days in mid-October on a retreat in rural central Missouri working on team-building, and fully embracing and understanding their roles as board members. As part of that experience, the Board worked together to build the "trust table."
The trust table, which now sits in the High School Faculty Workroom, serves as a way of symbolizing the building of trust and the Board's desire to share it with employees, with the goal of jointly contributing to developing and strengthening a culture of trust and excellence at Westminster. Take a few minutes to watch the brief video that encapsulates this powerful weekend and the story behind the trust table.

During the weekend, Board members also received training in governance and leadership from Dr. Alan Pue, president of the Barnabas Group in Denver and consultant to Christian school boards nationally, and John Bishop, pastor at Elevation Church in Charlotte.

Today, faculty, staff, administration, and Board members gather around the Trust Table regularly. From time spent in between classes to meetings held after hours, working together in unity and trust is the ultimate goal.