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High School Thespians Heading to States!

Congratulations to the students who received Superiors at the District 8 Florida State Thespian Competition, qualifiying them for States.  Westminster is allowed to send six representatives to the State competition.  The qualifiers are:
HS State Attendees/District Superior Recipients
1. Miles Gulley, Bella Valdes - Drama Duet Acting
    Top Honors (Best in District)
2. Nicole Muscolino - Solo Musical
    Top Honors (Best in District)
3. Joey Kuntz, EJ Belaval - Comedy Duet Acting
4. Alexis Lowell, Isa Bosch, Mia Posada, Nicole Muscolino - Small Group Musical
5. Hannah Garcia - Monologue
6. Carlos Bravo, Michael Castellanos, Daniela Corradine, Isabella Galbis, Julie Gomez, Justin Kern,        Manuela Londono, Bridget Seagren, Georgia Strump - Large Group Musical
District Superior Recipients and State Qualifiers
1. Sezine Dieleman - Tech Publicty
2. Delano Cicconi - Tech Publicity
3. Arianna Valme, Carolina Abboud, Catalina Corpas, Jenna Interian, Juliet Pis, Natalie Talarico,              Sebastian Chirinos, Mia Oliva - Pantomime
4. Izzy Izquierdo, Sara Boulris - Duet Musical
5. Bella Gonzalez - Tech Publicity 
6. Carolina Abboud, Juliet Pis, Mia Oliva, Carlos Fernadez Bravo, Arianna Valme - Ensemble Acting 
7. Bella Valdes - Solo Musical
8. Alexis Lowell - Solo Musical
9. Nicole Muscolino, Mia Posada - Duet Musical