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Students Learn Responsibility by Caring for Classroom Pets

Louie, the bearded dragon, usually lives in Mrs. Gordon's science classroom during the school year.  However, when teaching and learning transitioned online, Louie decided to go on vacation and has been enjoying two week stays at students' homes who volunteered to be pet hosts. He is currently hanging out with seventh grade student Kate Murphy.
A total of six families are on his vacation itinerary and Kate's home was his second stop. Louie will be on vacation until the end of July.

"He has been eating mealworms, and collard greens," Kate shared. "He also enjoys long walks around the house."

The snake from Mrs. Gordon's classroom is also enjoying a summer-long vacation with the Lane family. 

Thank you to these students and their families for caring for these animals and for practicing how to be responsible caretakers.