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ES Students Use Art to Remind Us of God's Protection

At the beginning of the school year, ES Art Teacher Anne Heetderks worked with her students to make a huge lion head from hundreds of colored sheets of construction paper in the shape of polygons. On the polygons, students wrote the worries they had had during the last few months, and then wrote the qualities of God on top of their “worry words.”
"The lion reminds us that God will protect us and we can trust that He will take care of our worries according to His perfect plan," said Mrs. Heetderks about the project.

The final sculpture is seven feet tall, eight feet wide, and protrudes more than seven feet from the wall! This incredible piece of art is now on display in the ES Lobby, thanks to the innovation and work of Maintenance employee Ryan Coss.   

"He not only helped me rework the lion to reduce the weight, but he also figured out a way to hang it on the wall," said Heetderks.

The final photo in the carousel shows the model Mrs. Heetderks used to plan the project. The final lion head was 800 percent larger than model!