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    • Westminster's Recycling Initiative Takes Off

Westminster Tackles Plastic Waste with New Recycling Bins

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, more plastic products are being used to serve food and water in the cafeteria, but members of Westminster's staff and Science Honor Society have come up with a way to help reduce plastic waste. 
New recycling bins have now been placed in the cafeteria near the garbage cans where students, faculty and staff normally dispose of their trash. The idea started with Mrs. Gordon, a middle school science teacher, who noticed the amount of plastic products being used in the cafeteria. Soon after, Kayla Dumas, president of the Science Honor Society, Mrs. Garrido, the club's sponsor, and Manny, the school's chef, came together to organize a recycling initiative.

Often times, they will stand by the recycling bins encouraging anyone who eats in the cafeteria to dispose of their plastic waste properly. Westminster students, faculty and staff are now working together to help reduce waste, conserve natural resources and prevent pollution. Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Garrido, Chef Manny, and Kayla Dumas all hope to implement more recycling bins around the campus in the near future.

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