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AP Psychology Makes Studying Fun with Virtual Escape Room

In Mrs. Cabrera-Sarduy’s AP psychology class, studying just became a little more fun! In preparation for an upcoming exam, she created a virtual escape room for her students.
Escape rooms form part of a game that has recently garnered much attention. In these games, groups of people are tasked to cooperatively discover clues and solve puzzles with a limited amount of time in order to progress to the next level until reaching the end of the game.

In our AP psychology class, the escape room consisted of various puzzles, riddles and cartography. Each answer was related to behavioral psychology, a topic the students have been learning about in class and the main subject of their next exam. Students were allowed to work in pairs or individually.

“Even though an Advanced Placement class is a college level class, it doesn’t have to be boring. I digitized a review activity into an Escape Room to help students review confusing concepts and promote collaboration, while maintaining equity for students who attend class via Westminster Connect,” said Mrs. Cabrera-Sarduy.

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