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Student Produces Podcast to Help Aspiring Baseball Players Reach Their Goals

Peter Frometa was 5’5” when he started his first year of high school and weighed approximately 125 pounds. For the average person, those numbers may seem typical, but for a student who aspires to play varsity baseball, they can be discouraging.
“I was at the bottom of the lineup. I was never playing and I kind of thought, ‘This game isn’t for me,’” said Frometa ‘22. 

He described his frustration as his overwhelming desire to succeed in the sport he loves was repeatedly repressed by something seemingly out of his control. The average player in MLB is roughly 6’2” and weighs 207 pounds. Despite the ongoing frustration brought on by his small build, Peter says his passion for the game motivated him to continue working towards his goal.

“I started weightlifting seriously in 10th grade,” said Frometa.

He says he began a more rigorous training routine with the hopes of increasing his weight and strength. Frometa, now a junior at Westminster, is 6’0” and weighs 160 pounds.

“I slowly realized that all I have to do is stick with it, keep on playing hard and keep on working hard. I’ve definitely seen how I’ve improved over the last few years,” added Frometa.

Throughout his journey, Frometa realized that other aspiring baseball players shared similar struggles. That’s when he was struck with the idea of starting a podcast. 

Petie’s Podcast: A Player’s Guide to Chasing Varsity Baseball has released three episodes since its debut. He touches on topics such as how to overcome a small physique in the world of baseball, training techniques and how to prepare for the college recruiting process. Among his invited guests are Ray Marrero, Westminster’s associate director of college counseling and former Westminster baseball player and coach, Tony Meilan, former baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and trainer Rene “Choco” Velazquez. 

The podcast has over 500 downloads and Frometa says he’s working on releasing more episodes, including one on how to prevent injuries and another on how to embrace changes in the college recruiting process caused by COVID-19.

Frometa played JV baseball at Westminster for the 2019-2020 season and will be trying out for the varsity team next year. He also hopes to play college baseball in the future, but for now, he says he has these words for other high school students who aspire to a career in the sport:

“Don’t give up on baseball. It’s a marathon, not a race. If you continue to set goals for yourself, you can grow more, you can get stronger. Don’t give up too early. Keep on working.”

Petie’s Podcast: A Player’s Guide to Chasing Varsity Baseball is available on Apple Podcasts

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