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Elementary School Hosts In-house Minecraft Competition

Westminster’s elementary school faculty hosted an in-house Minecraft competition for our Tech Time (TT) and Project Lead the Way (PLTW) students! Third, fourth and fifth graders took part in the competition. The students were asked to design an environment where humans lived without affecting different animal populations.
Third-grade students were tasked to protect bees, fourth-grade students had to protect pandas and fifth-grade were asked to protect all of the turtles in their Minecraft world. The students also conducted research on their designated animal populations, they evaluated the effects that COVID-19 has had on each animal, and created a presentation that demonstrated their Minecraft world as well as laid out their research. All projects were judged and first, second and third place prizes were distributed at the end of the competition. Congratulations to these students for a job well done:


5th Grade winners:

1st place: TJ Arner, Parker Cline, Dominick Valdes

2nd place: Valeria Hernandez, Valentina Rodriguez, Amanda Moron Sol

3rd place: Bruno Ventura, Tony de la Llama, Spencer Tew


4th Grade winners:


1st place: Ella Simrill, Madison Hew, Lucy Morris

2nd place: Mason Muniz

3rd place: Christopher Wood, Hudson Belvedere, Gabriel Gordon



1st place: Justin Aguiar, Colton Clarke, Jose Pacheco

2nd place: Isabella Fernandez, Miabella Campos

3rd place: Connor Benitez, Brandon Anta, Andres Gonzalez


3rd Grade winners:

1st place: Ryan Dopazo, Alejandro Gonzalez, Jacob Webster

2nd place: Leah Gazitu, Bastian Bracamonte

3rd place: Bianca Lavigna

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