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Theater Students Shine at Regional Competition

Westminster students shine at the Regional Competition. In addition to qualifying for States in 38 events, for the first time ever, their one act play, Just Like Us, earned a superior rating and was chosen to represent the District at States. 
"In a year when I thought we would have to do less, these actors have actually done more!  Many of those events achieved perfect scores," said Andre Gordon, Westminster's Director of Theater and Motion Pictures. "In a year where so much has been up in the air these actors, singers, playwrights, make up technicians, and costume designers really put Westminster on the map.  This is a testament to the students."

Below are the events that qualified for State:  

Just Like Us - SUPERIOR
Aria Upton, Arianna Valme, Bella Gonzalez, Carlos Bravo, Daniela Corradine, Gaby Prado, Isabella Valdes, Isabella Galbis, Izzy Izquierdo, Jack Silva, Julie Gomez, Juliet Pis, Matthew Bracci, Mia Posada, Michael Villar, Michael Castellanos, Nico Valdes, Nicole Muscolino, Ryan Penton

Circle of Life - SUPERIOR 
Arianna Valme, Georgia Strump, Isabella Valdes, Isabella Galbis, Isabella Anta, Izzy Izquierdo, Jenna Perry, Julia Fabregas, Julia Corradine, Julie Gomez, Juliet Pis, Miranda Stanham, Nayssa Vorbe, Ryan Penton, Samantha Mejia, Sara Boulris

Fly Fly Away Solo Musical - SUPERIOR
Nicole Muscolino

Winner Takes it All Solo Musical - SUPERIOR
 Isabella Valdes

Once Upon A Time - SUPERIOR
Amelia Ager, Avah Lopez, Cesar Rodriguez, Christian Berman, Elizabeth Butler, Isabella Del Valle, Isabella Bomnin, Jayden Montes, Leonor Burgana, Reese de Moya, Sofia Machado

Duet Acting - SUPERIOR 
Matthew Bracci, Nicole Muscolino
Bella Gonzalez, Justin Kern

Monologue - SUPERIOR
Isabella Valdes
Arianna Valme
Aria Upton

Duet Musical - SUPERIOR
Daniela Corradine, Izzy Izquierdo
Catalina Corpas, Mia Posada
Carlos Bravo, Georgia Strump 

Student Directed - SUPERIOR
Natalie Talarico

Costume Design  - SUPERIOR 
Aria Upton

Small Group Musical  - EXCELLENT
Arianna Valme, Bridget Seagren, Carlos Bravo, Juliet Pis, Mia Posada, Nicole Muscolino 

Make Up Design - SUPERIOR 
Reese de Moya
Amelia Ager

Solo Musical - EXCELLENT
Carlos Bravo
Madeline Diaz

Ensemble Acting - EXCELLENT
Michael Villar, Nico Valdes, Ryan Penton

Duet Musical - EXCELLENT
Jayden Montes, Leonor Burgana

Duet Acting - EXCELLENT 
Alessandra Battistini, Stephanie Eckstein
Bridget Seagren, Isabella Galbis
Gaby Prado, Julie Gomez

Solo Musical - EXCELLENT
Bridget Seagren

Monologue - EXCELLENT
Georgia Strump
Sara Boulris

Sara Boulris
Avah Lopez

Ensemble Acting - EXCELLENT
Alessandra Battistini, Ava Bean, Cesar Rodriguez, Christian Berman, Elizabeth Butler, Isabella Bomnin, Jayden Montes, Leonor Burgana, Mackenzie Floyd, Stephanie Eckstein

Publicity - EXCELLENT
Bella Gonzalez
Elizabeth Butler
Sezin Dieleman

Make Up Design - EXCELLENT
Madeline Diaz
Ava Bean

Screen Writing - SUPERIOR
Sofia Machado

Congrats to the Fine Arts Theater team as well, Katy Milian, Nicole Perez, Ralphie Fernandez, Rudy Garrido and Fine Arts Director Donna Underwood.

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