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Theater Students Make History

The Westminster high school and middle school thespians have made State history.  The high school students’ one-act play,  “Just Like Us,” was selected to represent all of the schools in Miami-Dade County and went on to be awarded the highest rating of “Superior” in the State competition!  In addition, Westminster won the most state awards ever: five Superiors and six Excellents (see the list below).

The Middle School qualified 12 events for State competition; five received an Excellent rating and seven received a Superior rating. And, for the first time, Westminster students were awarded, not one, but two, “Best In State - Critics Choice” awards! One of these awards went to sixth graders for “Thirty Reasons Not to be in a Play!”

Congratulations to the following students for their hard work and dedication to their craft, and to Theater Director Andre Gordon, Theater Assistant Katy Milian, and Film Adjunct Ralphie Fernandez:

Superior Awards:

One Act Play Selection: Just Like Us
Participants: Aria Upton '21, Arianna Valme '22, Bella Gonzalez '23, Carlos Fernandez-Bravo '23, Daniela Corradine '23, Gaby Prado '23, Isabella Valdes '21, Isa Galbis '23, Izzy Izquierdo '23, Jack Silva '22, Julie Gomez '23, Juliet Pis '21, Matthew Bracci '23, Mia Posada '21, Michael Villar '22, Michael Villar '22, Michael Castellanos '21, Nico Valdes '23, Nicole Muscolino '22, Ryan Penton '23

Musical Theatre - Solo Musical 
Selection: Dead Mom – Beetlejuice
Participants: Mia Posada '21
Selection: Once Upon a Time - Original Pantomime 
Participants: Amelia Ager '24, Avah Lopez '24, Cesar Rodriguez '22, Christian Berman '24, Isabella Bomnin '24, Lizzy Butler '24, Isabella Del Valle '24, Reese de Moya '24, Sofia Machado '24, Jayden Montez '24, Leonor Burgana '24
Musical Theatre - Large Group
Selection: Circle of Life – The Lion King
Participants: Arianna Valme (2022), Georgia Strump (2023), Isabella Valdes (2021), Isa Galbis (2023), Isabella Anta (2021), Izzy Izquierdo (2023), Jenna Perry (2022), Julia Corradine (2022), Julia Fabregas (2022), Julie Gomez (2023), Juliet Pis (2021), Miranda Stanham (2022), Nayssa Vorbe (2022), Ryan Penton (2023), Samantha Mejia (2022), Sara Boulris (2023)
Musical Theatre - Solo Musical 
Selection: Fly Fly Away – Catch Me If You Can
Participants: Nicole Muscolino '22
Musical Theatre - Duet Musical
Selection: The End of The Line - The Theory of Relativity
Participants: Izzy Izquierdo '23, Daniela Corradine '23
Musical Theatre - Solo Musical 
Selection: Winner Takes it All - Mamma Mia
Participants: Isabella Valdes '21
Musical Theatre - Small Group
Selection: Meet the Plastics - Mean Girls
Participants: Arianna Valme '22, Bridget Seagren '23, Mia Posada '21, Nicole Muscolino '22, Juliet Pis '21, Carlos Fernandez-Bravo '23
Duet Acting
Selection: Almost Maine - John Cariani
Participants: Justin Kern '23, Bella Gonzalez '23
Excellent Awards:
Acting - Duet Acting 
Selection: Almost Maine - John Cariani
Participants: Nicole Muscolino '22, Matthew Bracci '23
Musical Theatre - Solo Musical 
Selection: Waiting for the Light to Shine - Big River
Participants: Carlos Fernandez-Bravo '23
Acting - Monologue 
Selection: Fences-August Wilson AND Hello, Goodbye, Peace - Gabriel Davis
Participants: Arianna Valme '22
Superior Award/Best in State - Critics Choice Awards

Ensemble Acting – “Thirty Reasons Not to be in a Play”
Participants: Angie Fernandez, Anna Maria Asaad, Athena Alberto, Bianca McIntosh, Grayson Clarke, Jacqueline Fouche, Julianna Riccio, Maddie Wutz, Victoria Montero
Solo Musical
Celia Voges
Superior Awards

Solo Musical
Alexa Arner and Micaela Ranilla-Amoretti
Duet Acting 
Megan Dopazo, Noah Winter, Camilo Calderon, Lorena Haedo
Reign Mosley 
Excellent Awards

Solo Musical
Olivia Serrano-Salow
Nina Dans
Gabriella Gonzalez
Large Group Musical
Alex Grundler, Alexa Arner, Celia Voges, Claire St. Germaine, Ila Urquidi, Isa Uribe, Isabella Tani-Acaso, Kiera Vanegas, Micaela  Ranilla-Amoretti, Nadia Chahine, Nina Dans, Olivia Serrano-Salow, Rebekah Lugo, Sara Solis, Stephanie Ramos, Vero Uribe
Duet Musical
Kiera Vanegas and Mia Meyer

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