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Faculty and Staff Celebrate Service Awards

Congratulations to the following employees for their years of service at Westminster Christian School. Thank you for your continued commitment to the Warrior community. They are:
Elementary School 

5-Year Recognition 
Cyndy Barnett 
Claudia Pastrana 
Mailyn Santiesteban 
Yudyt Bermudez 
Laura Charlton 
Elizabeth Romaguera 
Grace Swindoll 

10-Year Award 
Madeline Dirube 
Kathy Loveless 
Jenea Riccio 
Maxi Hughes 

15-Year Award 
Brenda Pedrayes 

20-Year Award 
Scott Doan 
Sherie Abbey 
Jessica Cocchiaro 
Susan Fawcett 
Lisa Forbes
Sherry Medder 
Arlene Castellanos 

25-Year Award 
Nancy Blaum 

35-Year Award 
Jan Kyzer 
Middle School 

5-Year Recognition 
Kelly Gordon 
Loralyn Pybas 

10-Year Award
John Chenet 

15-Year Award
Lisa Nanninga 
Julie Diekema 

20-Year Award 
Yeni Dumas 
Lisa Forbes 
Vicki Kaplan 

25-Year Award 
Jeff Heck 
High School 

5-Year Award
Billy Comber 
Hanna Dubovik 
Ramon Marrero 
Cristina (Coco) Perez-Medrano 
Hannah North 
Dawn Palmer 

10-Year Award 
John Snider 
PJ Brown 
William Nordstrom 
Brianna Upton 
Lorena Vicente 

15-Year Award 
Mirta Aguero 
Lenny Castaneda
Julie Doan Kurenuma 
Joe Mira 
Josie DeVarona 

20-Year Award 
Jim Vanderwoude 
Juanita Rodriguez 
Emil Castellanos 
Lynell Martinez 

25-Year Award
Marcia Dieleman 

5-Year Award 
Mary Fernandez 
Caleb Lopez 
Mirella Webster 

10-Year Award
Casey Jones

20-Year Award
David Medder 
Mirtha Rodriguez 


Ann Green 
Lyle Green 
Lisa North 
Judy Carullo 
Nancy Blaum 
Jim VanderWoude 
Juanita Rodriguez 
Virginia Rivera 
Janet Wright 

Westminster Christian School

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