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Counselor's Corner: Dealing with Low Homework Grades

When low grades show up on homework assignments (and they do), students, parents, and teachers can become anxious about the problem and may resolve to tactics that appear to yield quick results. It may be more effective to have a discussion in which we recognize the student's own disappointment and work together to develop a plan of action for improvement.
It is important to remember that it is the student's responsibility to take the lead in understanding the problem, suggesting solutions, and working towards improvement. 

As a parent, you are a vital link to your child's progress. You can help by developing homework and study routines to successfully handle assigned work. Here are some tips to consider: 
  1. Always ask your child if he/she has homework. For older students, help them establish a routine of reviewing their agenda and logging in to their myWCS account. This will help your child develop a habit of self-inquiry. 
  2. Be interested in the homework. Seeing what your child is doing helps in two ways: You can get a sense of their progress in various subject areas; and your child will sense that homework is important and that you care about his/her efforts. 
  3. Homework is the child's work, not yours! Be sure your child completes assignments on their own. If your child is having difficulty understanding, it is important that he/she communicates with the teacher. An older student should be encouraged to communicate with the teacher and use Flex Time as an opportunity to receive additional help. 
  4. Set up a time for homework that is acceptable for your family routine, and teach your child to fulfill that commitment. 
  5. Make sure your child has a quiet place to complete assignments and study.  
Furthermore, our mission at Westminster is to empower learners, and so we offer to come alongside you and your child with this issue! We will support your child and help him/her develop a plan of action to improve study habits and homework completion. You can request to meet with your campus counselor using any of the contact information found below.

"Nothing is more powerful for your future than being a gatherer of good ideas and information. That's called doing your homework." -Jim Rohn 

Kim Brigham, LMFT 
Elementary School Counselor
305.233.2030, 1214 

Yeni Dumas, LMHC 

Middle School Counselor
305.233.2030, 1241 

Scarlett Saldaña, LCSW 
High School Counselor
305.233.2030, 1247 

Westminster Christian School

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