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Westminster Elementary School Hosts Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday, November 4, Westminster preschool and elementary school students participated in “Outdoor Classroom Day.” The event was celebrated by more than 10 million children from around the world. 
Students enjoyed many outdoor activities on this day including taking fish surveys in the pond, gathering acorns for an art project, writing poems, tying together fabric for a “sunset ceiling” art installation, completing scavenger hunts, learning the significance of oak trees, carving pumpkins and identifying the different trees in the Wild Acre. 

"I want to extend a special 'thank you' to all of our teachers for helping us facilitate outdoor play and learning at school," said Doug Heetderks, director of the WorldWonder program at Westminster. "We know that children who spend time outdoors grow to love God’s world and take action to care for it."

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