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Westminster Student Artwork on Display at Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is currently displaying several pieces of art from Westminster students. One of the displays includes a large set of wings made up of paper feathers which our Warriors inscribed with "worry words."
"Over the last few years, it feels like there have been more and more things to worry about. Kids worry, too. In our art class, K - 5th grade students wrote their own 'worry words' on a paper feather. The students shared fears about their pets, health, family, safety, future, friendships, and even shark bites," explained Anne Heetderks, elementary school art teacher.
Students painted their feathers and placed them on large wings sculpted by Heetderks to create the beautiful, colorful installation that can now be seen by all who visit Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

"My students imagined being an eaglet under the safety of the eagle's wings, the eagle using the 'worry feathers' to be stronger and soar higher, and watching the eagle fly up and take the 'worry feathers' far, far, far away," added Heetderks.

Many of the other pieces on display came from Westminster's annual student art fair. The theme for this year's on-campus exhibition was "Faces and Spaces."

"The lock-down, online learning, hybrid school, and limited exposure to friends and family reminded everyone to appreciate the little things that are often taken for granted. The artwork was inspired by students sharing their experience of being together on campus, back to a familiar space with faces uncovered. Relaxing some social restrictions and working en plein air has been invigorating, and we hope viewers feel joy as they walk by," said April Sharpe-Shirk, high school art teacher.

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