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In a Word

By Teresa Torralbas, Assistant High School Principal

Has God ever spoken to you through a song? It's happened to me a couple of times, but most recently, He reassured me that the difficult situation I was dealing with was temporary. God later confirmed that He was, in fact, working things out in my life. It was the Saturday evening before Thanksgiving 2021. I was enjoying a movie at home with my son when my phone rang. I received a call that would forever change our family. My brother had died tragically and unexpectedly. The shock of his passing was surreal, and the pain indescribable. Getting through the holidays as you're grieving is awful. The empty chair, a favorite recipe, a tradition he started, all constant reminders that your loved one is gone.  
As the new year began, I was looking forward to a fresh start, hoping to begin healing. However, shortly after, I faced new challenges and obstacles that complicated my life. I recall praying and pleading with God for help. I was overwhelmed with stress and heartache. I prayed often, and the more I prayed, the more I felt God was telling me to hang on because a new season was coming.  
Then one day, I was driving to work early in the morning, listening to Christian music on the radio as I often do. A song came on that I had yet to hear before. The words of the song instantly touched my heart. As I listened, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was using the lyrics to speak to me. The song is God Turn it Around, by Church of the City. 
Some of the lyrics:  
…Cause all of my hope 
Is in the name 
The name of Jesus 
Breakthrough will come 
Come in the name 
The name of Jesus 
God, turn it around 
God, turn it around 
He is up to something 
God is doing something right now 
He is up to something 
God is doing something right now. 
I felt instant peace and reassurance that God was not only in control, but that breakthrough was near. All I had to do was trust and wait on Him. 
 A couple of months later, I ran into a post for a position I've always wanted. I was currently at a job I loved and had no intention of leaving. But, again, I felt a tug at my heart and God telling me to move. So, after much prayer, I applied.  
Fast forward just a few months, and I can confirm that the words of that song came to fruition. I relocated my family to a new city about 30 miles away. The move and new home brought new joy to our family. I also accepted a new position that I only dreamed of having. The best part is that none of these things were in my plans, but God was up to something, and when He spoke, I listened. Slowly, I saw how God aligned various things in my life, and all my worries subsided.  
When we lose someone, we love, the pain never fully goes away, but if we lean on God, he will carry us through the grief. The song reminds me of God's infinite power that took hold of my situation and provided a breakthrough as only He can. He turned it around, just like He said He would.  Isn’t it amazing to know that God still talks to us, and when He does speak, we know that His words are final. All we have to do is trust and be ready to listen.
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