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Read and Complete Prom Safe Partnership Agreement

Dear Westminster Parent,
Prom is coming up in a few weeks, and we know that students are eager to make plans and purchase tickets. We are grateful we can coordinate and sponsor this event as well as other activities that enhance the Westminster student experience.
To maximize the fun and safety of our community, we want to communicate our expectations for students who participate in Westminster-sponsored events. In this, we hope to clear up any misunderstandings, answer questions you may have, and set expectations for students and parents. We also feel it will be helpful to clarify the potential consequences associated with behavior that contradicts the standards outlined in the student handbook that occurs at this and any school-sponsored events.
It is with this goal in mind that we are asking you to read and complete the safe partnership agreement found in myWCS. Please read through the entire agreement, sign, and submit. After completing the form, your student will be given the opportunity to secure his/her tickets. Westminster students who do not have this form signed by a parent will not be permitted to attend prom. 
We invite you to learn more about the dangers of teen alcohol use and the significant dangers, legal risks, and consequences to parents associated with underage drinking.  Please refer to this resource, which includes a presentation by MADD and an attorney and former Westminster parent about Florida law related to liabilities associated with teen alcohol use and having alcohol present in a home where an after-party occurs.
We appreciate your attention to this matter as we seek to partner with you in educating our students to make good choices.
Westminster Christian School, located in Palmetto Bay, Florida, is a private, college-preparatory school for children from preschool through twelfth grade.