WCS Forms Friendships, Shapes Perspective, and Changes Lives.

Ian Poveda '17, Alumni Association Scholarship Award Winner
The stage lights grew dim and created a golden haze over the wooden beams that stood front and center inside the hot, crowded chapel. It was then, at the conclusion of our worship, that Mr. Reed stepped out from behind the shadows of backstage. A cross had been moved to stand directly beside him. It was empty.

Mr. Reed proceeded to share a message. He communicated the simple fact that students and teachers alike were broken, messy, and imperfect. He mentioned that as a student body we can often be quick to cover up our bruises, our setbacks, and insecurities. So, he stood there intently, encouraging us to share, reflect and post. It was my sophomore year at WCS during chapel time at Warrior Week.

He began to pass out Post-It Notes, making sure everyone had one to write on; pens were passed down along the rows. Next, one-by-one, students began to stand and approach the stage. Seniors were the first to stand up; juniors, sophomores, and freshmen followed, all carrying their yellow Post-It Notes to the cross. They, along with myself, stood face-to-face with the cross and posted away. Our flaws were pierced by the nails pre-arranged on the wood, which created an uncanny resemblance to the nails that pierced Christ’s hands.
In the span of two hours, I had visually seen what it meant to cast all my cares on Him because He cares for me. (1 Peter 5:7) It was a form of WCS fellowship I’d never witnessed before. It took immense courage for me to stand up, but I believe that while I found resolve in posting my sins on the cross, my small action may have encouraged someone else to do the same. One of the most impactful moments for me at WCS was one in which I felt the most vulnerable; but, that made all the difference. A small moment can be powerful and I am proud that I had the opportunity to share that time alongside my friends whom I consider family.

While I will never have the chance to live that moment again, I know that my continued outreach to my alma mater will allow me to see the same impact WCS has made on me in the lives of other students for years to come. Westminster Christian School will always be the place I return to because it’s where my friendships have been formed, my perspective of the world has been shaped, and where my life has been changed. I will forever be a Warrior. #ilovewcs
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