AP English Students Hone Critical Thinking Skills

Mrs. North's AP English class spent this quarter studying argumentation and preparing for a mock felony murder trial. Students were given a case file and interviewed witnesses, developed voir dire questions, created a strategy, wrote and delivered an opening statement and a closing argument, and conducted direct and cross-examination of witnesses. This process highlighted the high-level of critical thinking and logic that the legal field requires and that an AP course demands.
The quarter wrapped up with a special presentation from three attorneys who shared about ethical issues in the law, how their faith impacts their stance on such issues as the death penalty, and their advice for aspiring lawyers. The speakers were: Margarita Cimadevilla, a prosecutor with the Department of Homeland Security; Robert G. Amsel, a UM law professor and local defense attorney specializing in drug and homicide offenses; and Rody Tadenev, Mrs. North’s husband who is the assistant chief counsel for the Department of Homeland Security.