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College Counseling Center Team

Leonor Belaval, Director of College Counseling
Emerald Scholars
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1270

Jessie Bayag, Associate Director of College Counseling
A-C, Athletes
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1226

Cristina Perez-Medrano, Associate Director of College Counseling
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1280

Ethel Ricardo, Associate Director of College Counseling
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1243

Mia Suarez, Associate Director of College Counseling
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1317

Katie Newcomm, Registrar
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1281

Our Role

Academic Advisement

Course selection is an important factor in achieving post-secondary goals. The college counselor, in coordination with the high school faculty, will assist students with course selection to maximize success in the classroom, while developing and discovering the students God-given talents and interests.

College Admissions

The college counselor will help discover universities and colleges that fit the student's academic potential and achievement, extracurricular interests, and personal preferences, while managing the necessary paperwork and deadlines from application to matriculation by crafting resumes, collecting and writing recommendations, submitting applications, and requesting transcripts.

Class of 2022 College Commitments

Class of 2022

Westminster Christian School

Main: 305.233.2030
Admission: 305.233.4027