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The WorldWonder program, created by Westminster educator Doug Heetderks, is an experiential learning component of the life sciences curriculum. Students from preschool through fifth grade visit the Discovery Barn, the Nature Center or the Wild Acre once a week for on-campus field trips to experience the wonder of nature.

This hands-on program inspires learning through exploration and instills an appreciation for God's creation by encouraging children to touch, see, hear and learn about the amazing animals and plants found on campus. From tortoises, to goats, parrots, and more, Westminster students have unique access to an array of flora and fauna. 

The Wild Acre also boasts kid-friendly obstacle courses that support physical activity, cognitive skills, and motor skills.

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  • The Discovery Barn

    The Discovery Barn is where preschool and kindergarten students interact with the WorldWonder science enrichment curriculum. Located on the elementary school campus, the Barn is home to many unique animals. Some of these animals are permanent residents, while some visit only for a season.

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  • The Nature Center

    The Nature Center is where students convene to study, celebrate, discuss, and piece together the lessons gained in their journeys through the WorldWonder program. The expansive learning studio boasts glass walls to the south, which allows students to overlook the majestic grounds of the Wild Acre.

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  • The Wild Acre

    The Wild Acre is where students can observe a tortoise, ponder the swirls of water cascading over rocks, breathe the aroma of a bamboo forest, and gather with peers at a fire pit to explore and learn about the wonders of nature.
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