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Westminster's Guidance Program

Westminster's guidance counselors work with teachers, parents, students and community resources to coordinate all developmental counseling services on each campus.

Parent Resources

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  • AXIS

    Westminster has partnered with AXIS to provide parents with an "All Axis Pass" to valuable online resources. AXIS is a Biblically-based organization that offers insight into how pop culture, technology, and media are influencing children. AXIS equips parents to initiate insightful conversations with their children regarding some of the most relevant questions and challenges of life by interpreting youth culture in ways that the adult generation understands. We hope you will take advantage of this valuable resource.

    Contact Linda Walker at to receive your registration link.
  • Recommended Reading

    1. Break free of the over-parenting trap and prepare your kid for success with How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims.

    Click here to purchase How to Raise an Adult.

    2. Learn why America's approach to aggression is bad for everyone with Bully Nation by Susan Eva Porter.

    Click here to purchase Bully Nation.

    3. Learn the revolutionary approach to raising your kids by keeping your cool with Screamfree Parenting by Hal Edward Runkel.

    Click here to purchase Screamfree Parenting.

    4. Learn how good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure with The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt.

    Click here to purchaseThe Coddling of the American Mind.
  • Spiritual Wellness: Resources and Recommendations

    Click here to access our spiritual wellness resource.

Our Counselors


Mrs. Kim Brigham, LMFT
PS/ES Counselor
305-233-2030, ext. 1214

Middle School

Mrs. Yeni Dumas, LMHC
MS Counselor
305-233-2030, ext. 1241

High School

Mrs. Scarlett Saldana, LCSW
High School Personal Counselor
305-233-2030, ext. 1247


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  • Counseling Services

    Individual counseling is available for students experiencing academic, social, or personal problems. Parent counseling is also offered. Small groups are organized as needed (i.e., Peacemaking and Friendship, Family Issues/Divorce, Loss and Grief). Referrals for community resources are made as necessary.
  • God Squad (Elementary School)

    God Squad is a service organization for fifth grade students that enable them to serve our elementary school. They also donate their time to help with service projects throughout the year.
  • Parent Education

    Parent Education Meetings are scheduled throughout the school year covering topics of interest to parents. Meetings are often held through Parents’ Guild, and/or in conjunction with the counselors on the other Westminster campuses.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Conferences with teachers and parents are conducted for students with special needs. Identification of needs is determined by standardized test scores, parental request, and teacher recommendation.
  • Peer Counseling Program (High School)

    Peer Counseling is a group of trained student counselors who provide one-on-one, confidential support to WCS students. These peer counselors help students develop solutions to their problems through the use of active listening, open dialogue and practical coping skills. For more information, click here to visit the Peer Counseling page.
  • Student Life (Middle School)

    The Middle School offers students the opportunity to participate in Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, Girls Prayer and Share, Boys Purpose and Prayer, Book Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and numerous special events and trips.
  • Student Support Team Meetings (SST)

    Student Support Team Meetings are scheduled to serve as a vehicle of communication between students, parents, teachers, and administration. The goal is to determine strategies and find solutions to meet the specific needs of students.

Westminster Christian School

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