Why Music Education is Important

Westminster Christian School is committed to music education starting in preschool, and offers music and art classes as a part of the regular curriculum during school hours.

A recent study from the National Institutes of Health found that consistent music education engages young brains, supporting children’s development of attention, memory, literacy, concentration, creativity and cognitive development. Earlier this year, researchers from the Brookings Institution, a centrist think tank in Washington, D.C., found that, “Increases in arts learning positively and significantly affect students’ school engagement, college aspirations and their inclinations to draw upon works of art as a means for empathizing with others.”

Preschool - Grade 3 Music Program

From preschool through Grade 3, students learn music notation and how to read, write and play music. Each year, they  perform in a musical and an end-of-the-year concert. In addition to learning to play instruments, students use technology as part of the curriculum.  By Grade 3, students are prepared to transition into Grades 4 and 5, with the knowledge to choose to be in either Band, Orchestra, or Choir.

Grade 4 and 5 Music Program

Starting in fourth grade, WCS students select one of three performing arts disciplines: Orchestra, Band, or Choir. All selections provide the students with opportunities for class-time rehearsals, field trips, visits from guest clinicians, and bi-annual performance concerts.


Students have the opportunity to learn the following band instruments: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, or percussion (drums and mallets). The Band curriculum offers students basic music fundamentals as well as band-specific fundamentals, making it possible for students who are completely new to music education to participate.

Grade 4 Beginning Band

Students meet twice a week for group instruction.

Grade 5 Band
The Grade 5 Band is designed as a continuation of the Grade 4 Beginning Band. The Band meets three times a week for group instruction.

For students in the Band program, at-home practice is guided through practice logs and assignments given in class. Students work in weekly sectionals with local professional musicians, WCS adjunct music teachers, for specific one-on-one instruction pertaining to their instruments. Students perform as a group in several concerts.


Grade 4 Orchestra
The Beginning String class provides students with little or no experience with an opportunity to learn foundational skills and techniques on their chosen instruments. The class focuses on reinforcing techniques and music theory concepts required for ensemble performance. Students meet twice per week for class rehearsal.

Grade 5 Orchestra
The Intermediate String class provides students who have taken lessons or classes one year or less on a string instrument with an opportunity to strengthen their skills and techniques on their chosen instruments. Students meet three times per week and are trained in music theory, proper practice techniques, performance skills, and concert etiquette. Rhythm reading and note reading are also heavily emphasized at this level.

Orchestra students will benefit from field trips, guest clinicians, as well as some written work to promote a deeper interest and appreciation for music in general. These are performing groups with concerts twice per year. All performances are mandatory and graded.


Grade 4 and 5 students become successful performers while learning basic solo and choral singing, theater choreography and acting techniques. Weekly classes and rehearsals culminate in productions throughout the school year including an annual musical and choral appearances. Students have opportunities to audition for various solo parts, lead acting roles, and All-State Choir which takes place in Tampa.

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Suzanne Suris

    Mrs. Suzanne Suris 

    ES Music Teacher
    Ext. 1410
    Florida International University
  • Photo of Seth Carlson

    Mr. Seth Carlson 

    Band Director
    Ext. 1219
    University of Miami - Master of Music Education
    Valparaiso University - Bachelor of Science, Chemistry & Music Performance
  • Photo of Nicole Del Pino-Perez

    Mrs. Nicole Del Pino-Perez 

    Ext. 1283
    Florida International University - Bachelor's Degree, Psychology
  • Photo of Lauren Hartman

    Dr. Lauren Hartman 

    Choral Director
    Ext. 1330
    University of Miami - Doctorate of Musical Arts, Voice Performance
    University of Northern Iowa - Master of Music, Voice Performance
    Simpson College - Bachelor of Music, Voice Performance
  • Photo of Jessica Carrasquillo

    Jessica (Li) Carrasquillo 

    Orchestra Director
    Manhattan School of Music - Bachelor of Music
    Yale University - Master of Music

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