Elementary Spanish Program

The Westminster Elementary Spanish Program begins in kindergarten and run through the fifth grade. In the beginning of each year, students are evaluated as to their level of capacity to speak and understand the language. From this, two groups are created:

  • the true first time beginners
  • those with advanced skills or native abilities already established
In kindergarten, students attend weekly classes focusing on fundamentals such as greetings, numbers, colors and vowels. The goal is to expose the students to the language as well as to finish the year with them able to read in Spanish.

Beginning in first grade, students attend class daily and learn through the comprehensive program "Descubre el español con Santillana" and “Antología,” a collection of authentic leveled stories by renowned authors from the Spanish-speaking world. Selections include different genres with a focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and writing activities.

“Descubre el espanol con Santillana” makes language learning a cultural adventure and supports students of all language levels, from beginners to heritage speakers, at any grade level. The program includes:

  • Culture as the backdrop of the entire series in authentic contexts
  • Students meet engaging characters, who travel to eight amazing Spanish-speaking countries in each student book and learn about the local people, places, cultures, foods, animals, and of course, the language.
  • Each of eight units integrates the five Cs (critical thinking, creativity, communication and leadership, collaboration and character) and develops vocabulary and language skills in a cultural framework.
During the 4th and 5th grades, the advanced group works through and completes the curriculum developed for middle school students called “Español con Santillana.” Also during this period, the advanced group will read literary works in Spanish such as the series of The Magic Tree House, Diary of the Wimpy Kid, La Escuela de Espanto, and The Magic School Bus, among others fictional titles, with the goal of acquiring the skills of comprehension, critical thinking, creative writing and in-depth discussions and debates.

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Yudyt  Bermudez

    Mrs. Yudyt  Bermudez 

    Ext. 1374
    Fundación Universitaria Seminario Bíblico de Colombia - Master's Degree, Education
    “Los Pinos Nuevos” Evangelical Seminary - Bachelor's Degree, Education
    School of Business and Economics Rafael Ferro Macias - Bachelor's Degree, Business Economics
  • Photo of Maxi Hughes

    Mrs. Maxi Hughes 

    ES Spanish Teacher
    Ext. 1374
    Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado - Bachelor's Degree, Education & French
    Escuela Nacional Superior del Profesorado - Master's Degree, Applied Linguistics and Methodology

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