Elementary School

The purpose of GRASP is to develop and strengthen the academic skills necessary for independent, life-long learning. The program has been designed to strengthen weaknesses in cognitive skills (i.e., memory, attention, perceptual processing, reasoning), and/or executive functioning (i.e., planning, organizing, self-regulation), as defined by each participating student’s psycho-educational assessment results. All of the educational therapy techniques used in GRASP are research-based. Maximum benefits from the GRASP program usually require student enrollment for a period of two to four years.

Middle/High School

In middle and high school, we provide support for students with a broad range of educational needs through the Course Achievement Program and GRASP Program. They provide academic support built into the student’s individual schedule, and offer grade level, small group tutoring with emphasis on strategies that match the student’s learning style. The GRASP teacher also promotes self-advocacy skills such as study techniques, time management, and organizational skills to prepare the student for a successful academic career. Academic credit is earned.
Westminster is committed to providing reasonable academic accommodations providing that the need for such accommodations is documented and the accommodations are reasonable and do not create undue hardship to the school.

How to Receive Student Accommodations

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  • Process for Receiving Accommodations

    To receive accommodations, a student must have a psycho-educational evaluation completed by a qualified clinical psychologist. The evaluation report must include a description of the specific accommodations including, if applicable, the amount of extended time required and a statement explaining why the student qualifies for such accommodations. Accommodations are allowed in cases when the core requirements of the course are not compromised or fundamentally changed, and when existing resources are available.
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  • Process for Receiving Accommodations through the College Board (prior to 9th grade)

    Note: The college Board requires testing to be completed within five years of the application for accommodation(s)
    • Once psycho-educational testing is completed, a copy of the results must be provided to the school
    • Accommodations made at the school are what can be requested through the College Board
    • Since this is an online process, students must seek help through the College Counseling Center (CCC).
    • Once submitted, students will be notified of their status
    • Once approved, students receive the accommodations granted for all testing offered by the College Board (PSAT, SAT, AP Exams)
  • Process for Receiving Accommodations through ACT (11th grade)

    Note: The ACT requires testing to be completed within three years of the application for accommodation(s)
    • Students must first sign up for the actual testing for ACT and then download the forms for extended time and then follow the instructions as to what needs to be submitted
    • Parents must fill out their section and then bring the forms to the College Counseling Center (CCC) for completion and school signature
    • Once submitted, students will be notified of their status
  • Denial of Accommodations

    • Both the College Board and the ACT have an appeal process
    • Individual families are responsible for contacting the specific testing organization for process and procedure
There is an additional fee for the GRASP program. Please contact Brenda Pedrayes, Director of GRASP, for more information at: (305) 233-2030, ext. 1435 or

The Admission Process

For acceptance into the GRASP program, the application process must be completed through the Admission Office.
In addition to the regular admission process, consideration for the GRASP program also requires:
  • A psycho-educational evaluation, completed within the past two years 
  • Westminster's admission testing
  • Approval by the Director of GRASP (based on availability)

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