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Upcoming College Visits

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College Counseling Center Team

Leonor Belaval, Director of College Counseling
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1270

Ray Marrero, Associate Director of College Counseling
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1226

Cristina Perez-Medrano, Associate Director of College Counseling
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1280

Ethel Ricardo, Associate Director of College Counseling
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1243

Katie Newcomm, Registrar
(305) 233-2030, ext. 1281
The College Counseling Center at Westminster Christian High School exists to advise students about their academic options, and assist with the college admissions process.

Upcoming College Tours

Join the College Counseling Center on a College Tour in North Carolina on March 19th – March 21st. The universities we will visit are Highpoint University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, Duke, and NC State. The first deposit is due today, January 16th. Below you will find the link to sign up along with the itinerary. 

Website Registration Instructions

Student Registration
1. Visit our website at:
    Click the green button in the top right hand corner "Log in to myETA"
      Trip Code: westminsternc19
      Password:  rdutrip19
2. Click on the Red Button that says "Make a new reservation"
3. Complete the information and continue to follow the instructions to complete your registration.
4. Once you have completed your reservation, you will come to a page with tabs at the top, click on the "Passengers" tab.
5. On the Passengers tab, click on the "Waiver Incomplete View/Edit" button.
6. Complete all required information in the Waiver. You can log out and log back in to finish the waiver at a later date using the reservation information emailed to you.
Please feel free to email if you have any questions.


SAT and ACT Test Dates

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Upcoming Events

List of 4 events.

Academic Advisement

Course selection is an important factor in achieving post-secondary goals. The college counselor, in coordination with the high school faculty, will assist students with course selection to maximize success in the classroom, while developing and discovering the students God-given talents and interests.

College Admissions

The college counselor will help discover universities and colleges that fit the student's academic potential and achievement, extracurricular interests, and personal preferences, while managing the necessary paperwork and deadlines from application to matriculation by crafting resumes, collecting and writing recommendations, submitting applications, and requesting transcripts.

College Acceptances