Support Programs

GRASP Academic Support Program (Guidance, Remediation, and Academic Support Program)

The mission of the GRASP program at Westminster Christian School is to meet the needs of students with diverse learning abilities. We offer a continuum of support from elementary to high school.

The admission process

The admission process includes:
  • A psycho-educational evaluation, completed within the past two years
  • An interview with the Director the GRASP Academic Support Program
  • An official transcript, copy of most recent report card, and teacher recommendations
  • Successful completion of the WCS entrance exam

Elementary School

For elementary-age students, the GRASP program develops reading, writing, and math skills through multisensory interventions using a push-in and pull-out model. Westminster teachers implement accommodations in the classroom designed with the individual student's unique needs in mind.

Middle/High School

In the Middle and High School, we provide support for students with a broad range of educational needs through our Course Achievement Program and GRASP Program. They provide academic support built into the student’s individual schedule, and offer grade level, small group tutoring with emphasis on strategies that match the student’s learning style. The GRASP teacher also promotes self- advocacy skills such as study techniques, time management, and organizational skills to prepare the student for a successful academic career. Academic credit is earned.
There is an additional fee for the GRASP program. Please contact Brenda Pedrayes, Director of GRASP, for more information at: (305) 233-2030, ext. 1435 or